Nike GPS Vent

You know you are getting a good laugh in when it causes you to snort. Who snort laughs on Monday? I do friends. I do. That’s what happens when you work a crazy job with some seriously funny mofo’s. I better be careful, don’t want to end up back at the dentist like last week. I have nearly knocked myself out laughing (hit my head) so chipping a tooth is not out of the question!


Today’s Workout: 45 min spin, rotating planks (6 min no breaks), leg workout

After Saturday’s speedy run I decided to take another run rest day to give the tootsie’s a break.  Yesterday I had aching in my arches, however, I am super happy to report that today I am walking around pain free! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Now that I have calmed down a bit, let’s talk about my Nike GPS Sport Watch.

As you all know I was one of the “lucky” ones that got one a few days earlier than the general public. This is Nike’s first go in the GPS market and I knew they would have to bring it to compete with Garmin.

This watch was a score at $199 and came with a foot pod. The foot pod is good for use on the treadmill or as a backup to the GPS satellite. It has a large screen with a backlight so it’s easy to read. It’s easy to toggle between pace, average pace, duration, time, etc. This is a great watch for someone looking for a reasonable priced, functional, GPS watch.


I cannot tell you how frustrating this is for me. Maybe it should not bother me, but it does. If it was only a tenth of a mile off I wouldn’t care- but to be .40 off on Saturday and .80 off on a prior run is absurd. The issue is the foot pod takes over when the GPS drops, however, the foot pod is not accurate. Nike claims it calibrates off of the GPS signal, however, I call bullshananies. If that was the case my watch would have clocked 8.20 (or close to it) on Saturday. Instead it came in at 7.79. How do I know it was off? We mapped the run ahead of time. Everyone that ran in a Garmin clocked between 8.21-8.26. Map my run gave us 8.20.

Now, GPS can be off with weaving, cutting a turn, etc. I know this. I don’t expect it to be dead on. However, I do expect the GPS to work accurately on a coastal run. I highly doubt that the palm trees lining the bay were blocking the Tom Tom Satellite. When I look at my run on the Nike Plus website I see that the watch dropped around mile 3 and was on and off the rest of the run. They have got to do something to fix this.

There I feel better. Thanks for listening to my vent as my love/hate relationship continues

How do you say “NO” when it says “Let’s run?”


P/S I see a giveaway in our future… 


5 thoughts on “Nike GPS Vent

  1. I love giveaways, although I never win ANY of them……………and I don’t just mean yours. 🙂 Hope your Monday’s continued to be as fun filled as it was this AM. I think I need to hear this story.

  2. I really appreciate your honest review of the Nike GPS watch. Too bad it loses the signal. That’s a major turnoff to me even with the backup system you described. One good thing I’ll say about the watch is I like the look of it (not really important considering the purpose of buying it). I like the lime green that peeks out.

    Love that you work w/”funny mofo’s”.

  3. Hi Shelly! Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I do try to be as honest as possible. As a runner it is so frustrating to have a GPS watch not accurately calculate milage/pace! I agree that it is aesthetically pleasing. I love the black with the green!! I also love the big screen- super easy to read. There is also a toggle function that allows you to see pace, average pace, duration, etc. I love it because it’s easy to use. Once they figure out how to keep the satellite from dropping it will be a great watch. I guess it’s to be expected with a new product right?

  4. Ughh I hate that! I have a Garmin and sometimes I think it’s not accurate either. I have recently started running with my phone (it’s so hot here, I have to run with it for safety) and I downloaded the RunKeeper App. It seems to be really accurate and never really lose the satellite. PLUS it’s free! Free is hard to beat in my book!

  5. Aww man Melissa, I thought you were going to tell me that your Garmin was fail proof , darn it! 🙂 I have a crackberry and it’s useless as far as apps are concerned. Maybe one day I’ll get in the now!

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