Friends make friends run fast

Busy day yesterday! I am still in love with my Kinvara’s, however, I am really starting to dislike my Nike GPS watch. Let’s just say I am hoping to win a Garmin at the next adventure run. We will talk about that later.


Rolled out of the rack and headed down to Point Loma to get  run on. If you have never run with a group I urge you to give it a shot. It is awesome to have other people pushing you to get better. Or if you are having a chill day there is someone else to chill with you.

It was a WARM morning. We typically have cloudy, cool weather in June so to see the sun at 7:30 am meant it was going to get hot fast. We agreed on 8 miles and were off!

I ran the first 2 miles with my friends Stacey and Sharon. We were cruising at an 8:30 pace when our friend Paul caught us. Paul is the tall blonde guy below. Paul is FAST. I decided I was going to finish my run with him

At mile 3 I looked at my watch and we were running in the low 7’s. No wonder I was feeling like I was pushing it. We finished the last 6.2 in 46 minutes.

That’s a 7:25 pace! Who am I?

I haven’t run a 10k that fast since Iron Girl last year. Thank you Paul for pushing me!! I NEEDED that.

We finished and headed to Panera for breakfast and friend time. SO FUN!


Got home, got cleaned up and we headed to the movies to take the kiddos to see Cars 2!

H-man loved every minute of it. Sloane, however, decided that she needed to go to the bathroom 7 TIMES during the movie. 7. Who pees that much? A little girl who decided that a movie without a princess is just not that rad.


Fast forward to this morning. Time to head to church. We are starting a new series called “Why Bad Things Happen.” I am really looking forward to this. It’s something we all question right? Why is there rape? Murder? Natural Disasters? If you are interested click HERE to watch online. It will be like you are right there with me!

When I get home this afternoon I may GO OFF about my Nike GPS Sport Watch.  SO FRUSTRATED.


4 thoughts on “Friends make friends run fast

  1. I love that you run with your chuch group. I wish we had a running group at our church – hmmm maybe something to start.

    If you don’t win a Garmin, you should look on ebay. You can find the new touch Garmin for less than $200!!

  2. I think you need to run Coronado because you are going to PR. Maybe the rest for your foot did other good stuff for your speed, too! Seriously, that is fast for a training run. I don’t care if you were pushing it, races are always faster than even a hard training run.

    Do you run in the Kinvaras always? They are lightweight shoes, right?

    1. Hiya! Still thinking about Coronado! I am a TERRIBLE mental racer. I wish I could go into training mode during a race. Ever since I got injured last year I have never been able to race the same. Totally stinks!

      The Kinvara’s are light weight. I am rotating with Asics as it’s going to take me a while to build up milage in a minimalist shoe.

  3. AWESOME JOB ON YOUR RUN GIRL!! Speedy mama!! 🙂

    Loved Cars 2!! Your kids are adorable!! “YAY MATER!!” I think my hubby and I loved it as much as the kids. I esp. thought the part when Mater ate the wasabi was too funny!! Oh, and when Mater went to the bathroom! 🙂

    Have a gnite!! 🙂

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