Fired as a photog

Ok friends, I will admit it, I was a TERRIBLE photog tonight. I was so excited to get out of the office and get down to RRS that I failed in capturing the total radness of the night! My sincere apologies. I’ll make it up to you all, I promise!


Tonight’s events was strictly for the ladies. It was held at Road Runner Sports in San Diego and started promptly at 6 pm. I seriously hauled butt from work and met up with Maureen at 6:01.

Maureen looking super cute and Me looking like BUTT. That's what a crazy day looks like people

As payback for my lateness, she told me to put some jeans on and get a tan while I’m at it.

We grabbed a glass of sparkling cider (PARTY ANIMALS) and headed back to sports bra fitting. Holy fun! Ladies, if you have never done this you need to! It was awesome. I ended up with a purchase from moving comfort that doesn’t make me look like a 12-year-old boy!

We then made our way to the vendors to collect raffle tickets. Prepare for photo fail.

Compression socks for a long day at work!
Mizuno guy who had all of the fall shoes out that are not yet available. Um, ok.


All I can say about this picture is wow. Sorry to the person who has half a butt cheek in this pic.What is this?

We went table to table chit chatting.  Most vendors had fruit or veggie platters out. The Mizuno guy had a super yummy cookie from Mrs. Fields. We went the Mizuno guy. Let’s see carrots or a giant cookie with frosting. Easy decision.

The announcement for the raffle came over the loud speaker and Maureen won a New Balance bag with water bottle! Did I take a pic? Nah, why would I do that? That would make sense!

After 4 or 5 prizes there was a break so we tried on shoes. The raffle started again and wouldn’t you know it, Maureen won again! This time she ended up with a bag and dri-fit hat. SCORE.

Another break, another jog on the treadmill in new shoes. Raffle starts, MO WINS AGAIN! The guy said she was cut off from winning any more prizes. WHAT? She couldn’t help her luck! This prize was a super cool shirt from the American Cancer Society.

Although I didn’t win in the raffle I had a fabulous night with my awesome friend. I did go home with a New Balance gym towel, a Mizuno Headband and Injinji chapstick. I ended up purchasing a moving comfort sports bra and a new pair of Saucony Kinvara 2’s. Oh, and I bought LD a Fuel Belt sprinter so he would quit stealing mine. Although I think he secretly likes running with a pink water bottle.

Next RRS event is the Adventure Run on July 14th. If you are in SD join us for a fun run with a chance to win a ton of rad prizes!


What happened on SYTYCD tonight? Who got the boot?!? Time to go do my mommy duty of packing lunches and fire up the DVR!




3 thoughts on “Fired as a photog

  1. Sounds like you had a good time. I have to go and get a sports bra…my girls will thank me (I don’t have one at all right now). New shoes…sigh…still haven’t found the ones quite yet. I’m hoping they don’t involve orthos, though; those are expensive.

    Your friend is really lucky. We have events like this at Fleet Feet Sports here once a month, I believe. It’s a ladies night thing. They are having a sale on July 1st because they’re moving to a bigger location. Man, I wish I’d have some money by then! Maybe someone loves me enough to buy me some new running shoes.

    P.S. You do not look like butt in that picture! My crazy day face would break my camera…and my computer. 🙂

  2. Sister you need a sports bra! And you still haven’t found shoes?? Awww man! Hopefully soon, I know you have been waiting for a good while. Are you still walking? My inserts were not as expensive as podiatrist rx orthos and I love them. Although I don’t think fleet feet does custom fit inserts, do they?

  3. I still walk from time to time in some OK shoes…they just don’t hold up to much running….maybe I tie them too tightly? I think I know what shoes will work; I had some Oasics that were the wrong size but were great, and I tried the newer ones on and they were fine…I just ultimately went with some adidas (that ended up bad). I am not giving up though! 🙂

    Fleet Feet has some inserts, not custom, but they had one that was good…but it brings the shoes up to $140s range–ugh. I may have to bite the bullet, but I think just the right shoes will do.

    I definitely need a sports bra. I put on weight the last few years, and my full b-cups are now d-cups…totally different running experience trying to run with these in a regular bra and T-shirt, or a built in bra in an exercise top! If I’m going to give this running thing a shot, I’m going to have to suck it up and invest some money in it, LOL!

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