Tuesday Bach Tawk

This post is not going to be as long as usual as I have to make my way to the dentist. After listening to Ashley whine about Bentley I ended up chipping a molar. Not kidding. THANKS ASH.


SHORT VERSION: Bentley, Bentley, Bentley, Bentley, one-on-one date w/Ben F the wino (he gets a rose). Bentley, Bentley, Bentley, Bentley, Group date that includes Muay Thai boxing, Ames gets his bell rung and goes to the hospital, Blake ends up with a rose. Bentley, Bentley, Bentley, Bentley, 2-on-one date with William and Ben C, Ashley sends them both packing. Rose ceremony elimination: Nick (the blonde from FL)


The second the show starts Ashley launches into her annoying Bentley chat. Um Ash, I thought you were over it? Starting new? Moving forward? I feel bad for the dudes.

Date cards arrives and Ben F. learns he will be heading to Chiang Mai w/Ashley. They take a taxi to a local outdoor market and do some shopping. BORING. Somehow they end up at an ancient temple and play the “I want to kiss you” game:

photo credit: abc

Turns out you are not allowed to kiss in front of religious temple.  Sorry Ben, you’ll have to wait. I can’t remember if it was Ben or Ashley that suggested a virtual kiss, NOT KIDDING. I am a romantic and thought this was so uberly cheesy I threw up in my mouth a little. Or maybe it was Ben’s hair grossing me out. Either way, LAME.

They have dinner and get into serious life convo. Ben says all of the right stuff ( I will make my wife my priority) and Ashley gives him a rose.


Group date time. Ashley tells the dudes they will be Muay Thai boxing:

photo credit: NY Daily News

They get matched up and Ames immediately lets us know he has never been in a fight. GASP! No way! The fights start and Ashley lets us know A MILLION times that she now thinks this date was a BAD IDEA. Um NO DUH! You have a butt ton of testosterone fighting for one girls affection and then you give them a chance to hit each other. HELLO!

Blake and Lucas battle it out, Blake wins. JP and Mickey are up next. Mickey was giving it to JP. About half way through JP turned into a crazy person and beat the heck out of Mickey. I didn’t expect that, then again, I didn’t know what to expect.

Next up- Ames and Ryan. Where so I begin? Ames ends up in PINK shorts. Ummmm I don’t know about you but:

Never Been In A Fight + Pink Shorts = Getting knocked the f$%! OUT!

photo credit: abc

Literally, Ames gets his clock cleaned. It was sad. Ambulance takes him to the hospital so we miss out on most of the fight between Nick and Constantine.

After the wanna be UFC action comes to an end, everyone gets cleaned up and heads back to the cocktail party. Lucas calls Ashley out on her obsession with Bentley! Yes, PLEASE CALL HER OUT. She quickly tries to cover by saying he initial feelings were not what she thought they were. Riiighhhttt. That’s why we still hear about B a zillion times per episode!

She has alone time with Blake who says he doesn’t feel like he is getting the reassurance he needs. I guess this conversation is what lands him the rose.

Ames makes an appearance at the party in his typical non-matching preppy attire. When Ashley asks him about the diagnosis he says “I am totally in love and I have a concussion.” Oy. Super cheese. If he was hot it would be different. But he is not and the line just didn’t work…or did it?


Lastly we go on a 2-on-one date with William, Ben C (the flashmob guy) and Ashley. The guys were told ahead of time to pack their bags as one person would be going home.

photo credit: abc

Up to this point I never knew that William didn’t like Ben! The minute Ashley sat down with William he gets in her ear about Ben not really wanting to be there. He says Ben can’t wait to get home to internet dating? I thought Ashley would ask Ben about it, but instead she immediately sends him home!

When this happened I figured her intent was to send him home anyway so William gave her what she needed to do so. It was like she could use that excuse since she didn’t really have one ready yet.

She continues on her date with William hoping she will feel the sparks that she did on that first date in Vegas. As soon as they sit down to eat she brings up the fact that he once told her he was still a “30 year old boy.” Oh brother, he is screwed. He tried to explain in his non-funny way that he wants love with no responsibility- she cuts him off and sends him packing!



Back at the rose ceremony cocktail party Ashley wants all the guys to know how “insecure” she is feeling after the 2-on-one date. She is wondering if any of the other guys are there for the wrong reason. Blah blah blah. Bentley, Bentley, Bentley.

She goes into her deliberation with Chris Harrison and is back on the Bentley train. She tells Chris she needs closure and he says ” He’ll do what he can to make it happen.” FORESHADOW: Bentley comes back next week and I am sure it will be uneventful. We all know he doesn’t like her. Tell her that and move along.

Ceremony starts, Ben F and Blake already have roses. The last man without a rose: NICK.


So we are down to 8 guys! One of them is going to be in the final two…and one will propose…who will it be?!?

~ I am still on team JP!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Bach Tawk

  1. Husband and I were cracking up when Ames was at the cocktail party. You could have told him he was on Mars and he would have smiled and said “OK.” I have never seen someone so loopy in my life.

    And I love how Ashley says that if Bentley just told her there is no “dot-dot-dot” then she’d be able to let go. Yeah, nothing if going to fix this obsession for her except time. Or if they show her the footage of his douchery. That might work.

    1. dot dot dot…RIDICULOUS! You are right, it’s a total obsession and until she hears the things he has said about her it’s not going to end.

      Ames. Oh Ames. Not even a pocket protector would have saved him. He had no idea what was going on at that cocktail party!!! Not a clue!

  2. I couldn’t resist, I read your recap before watching the episode on Hulu. hehe. I might just skip it, since your recaps are so good.

    I’m JP all the way. And I still adore Ames. He’s so unique, it’s great

  3. I am for Team JP all the way! I think he genuinely likes Ashley and will treat her right, plus he’s hot! She is just so blinded by Bentley to even recognize it! The preview for next week looks like a disaster and I like the idea of showing the tape to her of Bentley talking all the crap. That will give her closure!

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