5 miles…don’t wanna get too crazy

This morning I got my Mike & Ike butt out of bed and headed down to The Rock to meet up with mah peeps:

Rock Runners
Stacey saying chhheeesssseeee

Since RNR was just 2 weeks ago today’s run was an easy 5 miler. Sounds like a  wussy jog in the park after 20+ mile training runs

David getting his stretch on

We started at church, ran out to Harbor Island and back. It was a beautiful run with good friends that left me wanting to go further. Ahhhhh. Can’t wait for a nice long run. Soon friends, very soon. 5.03 done in 41:50- 8:18 pace.

Our blazing speed left us famished so we headed to Panera for a post run breakfast. I love Panera. Have we ever had a Panera discussion? I should get a night job there for the discount. The strawberry poppy seed salad is my FAVE! Not for breakfast though; Coffee and a strawberry yogurt parfait  was the perfect way to end the morning.

Au Natural is so in. Try it sometime.

I’m off to shower and get ready to watch UT beat Florida in the first round of the College World Series! HOOK EM!

3 thoughts on “5 miles…don’t wanna get too crazy

  1. Great job on the 5 miles!! So, no foot pain?

    Your running group looks awesome. Wish we had running groups where I live 😦

    1. Running groups are fun! Have you checked through the meet up website?

      Foot pain is minimal! It’s still lingering, but I can tell it’s on the mend. Slowly but surely 🙂

  2. I also love Panera. I’d eat there practically everyday but then I’d be poor. I love the “you pick 2” since I am very indecisive with all the choices they have.

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