Got my run on…maybe I need my own show

Today’s Run: 5.10 miles, TM, .5% incline, 40 min; 20 min core/stretch

Total. Sweaty.Mess. Yes! 5 miles at 5 am. It felt good. This is my longest run since I hobbled through the disaster known as my attempt at RNR SD. I wanted to go longer but the foot just isn’t ready. One day at a time, right? Look at me dropping knowledge on myself. I guess all of the reality shows haven’t killed all of my brain cells…

photo credit: Bravo



In reality reality news (I’m talking IRL people) I read a great article on Wonder Foods for Women this morning.

The most recent slew of studies suggests that what you toss in your grocery cart can improve performance, prevent injury and bestow various health benefits. And certain foods can do all this while meeting the unique nutrition needs of women runners. We chewed our way through the supermarket to suss out foods that should be a staple on every woman runner’s menu.

Like the play on words? Then chew your way through this list and hit the store (you too Men, this isn’t just for us chicks)

  • Iron- The Energizer: Grass-fed Beef. (I am not a red meat eater so my iron will have to come from veg sources)
  • Pomegranate: The Joint Enforcer
  • Almonds: The Injury Thwarter
  • Lentils: The Flab Buster
  • Salmon: The Bone Builder
  • Yogurt: The Cold Fighter
  • Kale: The Immune Booster
  • Quinoa: The Restorer (Ahhhhhh remember my quinoa salad the other day?

The article shares some pretty tasty sounding recipes like spicy toasted almonds or pomegranate parfait. Get your read on by clicking HERE.


Who is getting kicked off tonight?? (Yep, I’m out of control. Anyone a therapist?)

photo credit: fox

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