So I Wish I Could Dance

You know when you get in your car and start to drive and end up at your destination and don’t remember the ride there. Yeah, that was my whole day today. How can that happen for a whole day? I’m not sure but it did. Scary. I almost wish it would happen more often. Then I realized I would miss funny stuff like this:

Yes, H-man is riding Abby. S-bear is doing her best to keep Abby calm. Poor dog, she misses the good ol’ days when it was just her! She is 8- too old to be playing the role of shetland pony for a 4 year old!


Now that the day of stress is over it’s time to get cozied up for SYTYCD (We all know I need counseling for the amount of reality shows I watch. It’s gross, but whatever, I own it).

The dancers are so freaking good this year. Seriously. I am a tough judge (point those toes ladies) but that comes with the territory. In my mind I am still a little and still a good enough dancer to try out for the show

Total Dance Attitude. That or someone just told me no. I don't take no for an answer.

…cut to commercial break and I am back to being a 30-something that is super envious of these 18-year-old phenoms. Yeah, I’ll stick to running. My grand bat mons aren’t what they used to be.

Anyone else watching SYTYCD? Do you have an early favorite?!



7 thoughts on “So I Wish I Could Dance

  1. I love that show – I’m trying to think if I can remember anyone as a favorite. I don’t think I have one yet. We are always a day behind with the DVR so we are catching up on The Voice this evening.

    And I love SYTYCD because I can’t dance my way out of a paper bag.

  2. I love SYTYCD! Last night’s episode was crazy, everyone was really great! I mean, there were those that weren’t quite so freakin’ amazingly-great, they were just really good. It’s going to be a tough season. I really like the girl (Melanie?) that was party of Travis Wall’s statue dance. But, really, I love Travis Wall.

  3. Amy, last night was soooo good! Melanie was AMAZING!! I too am a big Travis Wall fan. I must have voted for him a zillion times when he competed in Season 2 (remember the park bench dance?). Talk about being super talented! This season is going to be brutal because everyone is so good. Not sure who will go tonight, but if I had a guess America usually gives the least votes to ballroom and broadway. We shall see!

  4. I hate when there’s this many, becaue I have no faves! I can’t stand one girl already though. The first one who danced Wed and was also in the bottom 6 last night. She dances like a stripper, I have no clue anyone’s name right now though. She once said she likes to makes people uncomfortable when she dances.

  5. love the picture of you as a lil’ dancer!! I’m loving SYTYCD this season!! They are al soo good!! I’m happy that the judges opted to not send anyone home!! I wish I could dance! When I watch dancing shows it inspires me! Unfortunately, I’m not very coordinated!! I can do the “running man”, and the “picture frame!!” 🙂 xo

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