Tuesday Bach Tawk!

Let me preface this recap by saying I AM SICK OF HEARING ASHLEY TALK ABOUT BENTLEY. Ugh, its pathetic and sad and annoying. I know she didn’t know about all of the jerky things he was saying to the cameras, but I don’t care. Want to know what is more annoying, HE IS COMING BACK. We’ll talk more about that later.


Short Version: Chris Harrison tells the guys that Ashley is ready for a new beginning and that they will be leaving for Thailand to continue the adventure. The dudes pack their stuff, hop a plane, and end up in Phuket, Thailand. (Pronounced Foo-ket. Don’t get it twisted). Constantine gets the first one-on-one date where they are going to take a boat out to a secret island. Due to craptastic weather the boat trip gets cancelled and they end up wandering around town.  He gets a rose. Ashley then hosts a group date at a local orphanage where they work on a house. Ben F. paints a mural on the wall and Ashley thinks it’s sweet. Ben ends up with the rose on that date. The last one-on-one is with Ames who up to this point has come across as socially awkward. They take a boat tour through little caves, have a super deep dinner convo and she gives him a rose.  At the rose ceremony she says goodbye to WEST.


LONG VERSION: So as I said before I am sick of hearing about Ashley’s love of Bentley. I swear that she talked about him for the first 10 minutes of the show. I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Even LD said he was sick of hearing about him.

Chris Harrison tells the guys to pack their bags because a plane is leaving in 2 hours to take them to Thailand. The guys go crazy…I even saw a chest bump. Seriously. Chris says there will be two one-on-one dates and one group date. On the one-on-one dates there will be a rose. If Ashley chooses not to give it out that person is immediately sent home.

We see the guys at LAX and then cut to the plane landing in Phuket and the guys being dropped off here: 

Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, Phuket, Thailand

Sweet digs!

The first date card comes and the lucky dude: Constantine.

Ashley tells him that they are going to take a boat out to a private island. They get ready and then…que the rain. A little fisherman tells them in Thai that they can’t take the boat out due to weather. I have no idea if Ashley speaks Thai, but somehow they understood they could not get on the boat.

The two decide to explore the town and visit a local market. They try on hats and try to talk to a local but he doesn’t speak english. A random girl offers to interpret and they get advice on how to make a marriage work. The advice?  “Don’t try to win”  Ha! Dear Thai Guy, he is on a show where he is trying to “win.”

Super boring date leads to dinner where they cheers to making the best of a rainy date.  Ashley gives him a rose

**Has anyone noticed that Constantine looks like Jason Segal when he laughs? Pointed it out to LD last night. Maybe he is his greek brotha from anotha motha.

Next is the group date. Blake, Ben F, Lucas, Ryan, West, Mickey, Nick, William, Ben C and JP. Date card reads: “Let’s make the world a better place”

Ashley tells the guys they are going to rebuild and orphanage destroyed in the Tsunami of 2004. They do a walk through and get down to work painting, moving furniture, fixing up the yard. 

Photo credit: ABC

Ryan goes into leader mode and starts handing out orders to the other guys. This rubs most of them the wrong way since they already think that Ryan’s happy attitude is super fake. Blake seems to be the one leading the hate fest. More than anything they are just annoyed by the guy. Ben F decides to ignore Ryan the drill sargent and gets to work painting a mural on the wall. 

The orphans show up to see the final product and have a little celebration with the crew.

photo credit: tv fanatic

They head back to dinner where the guys get some one on one time. Ryan continues to annoy the dudes and Blake makes it clear to him that they are annoyed. Meanwhile Ashley pulls JP aside because she feels like he is distancing himself. Um, what? Where did that come from? They have a super hot makeout sesh and then he carries her in the rain back to the rest of the guys. THIS MAKES GUYS SUPES JEALOUS! Love it, JP is hot and he knows it.

Ashley gets ready to hand out the rose when Ryan asks her for a minute. Seriously man, bad timing. He tells her he really likes her and she seems annoyed that he interrupted the rose giving for that. The dudes are irked too. They finally circle up and she gives the rose to Ben F. (JP looked like he thought it was going to him. After their hot little scene I did too).

The last one-on-one went to: AMES. He was super excited because he has barely spent time with Ash so this is his chance.

They hop into a boat and get to explore Thai caves.

Ames yaps Ashley’s ear off about how he owns 5 yachts and went to cooking school in Thailand because he was bored and decided to venture out.  He is a “last-minute” guy. She is intrigued by how spontaneous he is (or maybe by his bank account now that she knows he owns more than one yacht). They have conversation over dinner about children, family etc. Ames does most of the talking and actually had dry humor. I didn’t know he had it in him. Ashley gives him a rose.

We now head to the cocktail party/rose ceremony. ASHLEY AGAIN GOES INTO BENTLEY TALK. SERIOUSLY ASHLEY, BUILD A BRIDGE!!!!

The dudes go into more Ryan bashing in which he apologizes for being happy all of the time. At this point his cheesy smile is getting annoying. OK bro, we know you are Mr. Happy Man, keep quiet and move along before you get the axe.

Constantine, Ben F and Ames already have roses. Chris Harrison brings out a “no regrets” rose that leaves the crew vulnerable. Ashley hands out roses to: Lucas, JP, Mickey, Nick, Blake, William, Ryan and Ben C. This leaves WEST as Ashley’s regret.

**Next week- group date boxing leads to someone landing in the hospital and Ashley acting butt hurt because the attention is not on her. BRING ON THE DRAMA!


Time for you to weigh in:

Did you watch last night?

 What do you think about Ryan? Is he really Senior Cheese or is he just doing it up for the show?

Who is your favorite? (I am on team JP)


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Bach Tawk!

  1. I almost sent you a text at 11:30 when I finally watched the ending (family was finally asleep). What the heck???? He’s in Thailand, really??? My first week finally watching it and I want to shake a lil reality into her. I think the word Bentley should be bleeped our. 🙂

  2. I watched it and it was kind of boring. Though I think it would have been an awesome drinking game – every time you hear “Bentley” take a swig of your favorite hooch. I think we’d all be on the floor at the end of the episode.

    Clearly she has no idea, and I can’t help but wonder if she is totally mortified watching it now.

  3. 1) Constantine is an idiot. Did you notice that he said “like”, every other word?
    2) Ames is surprisingly awesome. Really, maybe the most fascinating and likable and real men I’ve ever seen on reality TV
    3) JP….so….hot. Why is he even after Ashley? can’t he get any girl he wants?

    loved your last post on run/walking. really, really interesting method.

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