These shoes were made for walking

Signing up for a race at an expo can save some dinero. At the SD RNR Expo I signed up for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon taking place in January 2012.

Event Banner: Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

They did not have reg for the kids races (my mini-mes are going to run) but signing up for the half saved me about $10.

Here is why I am currently feeling weird. Unlike competitor events where registration is online at an expo,  I filled out an old school paper form and gave the gal my payment info. She handed me a “Run Disney” bag and said “Congratulations you are registered.” Feeling uncomfortable about not getting a receipt or something I have checked my bank account for the past week and a half. So far no sign of payment posting. Hmmmm. My friend Maureen registered at the expo and received a confirmation via email on Friday. This prompted me to email the race director and am waiting to hear back. If I see a huge debit by someone in downtown Disney I’ll know my registration turned into someone’s christmas shopping!


Today’s Workout: 30 min spin, 30 min strength training (arms/shoulders/back/core)

An interesting article in this months Runner’s World called “What’s Your Goal.” One of the runner’s talks about the benefits of run/walking.  He has a marathon PR of 2:53 and has incorporated walking in every single race.

Ian Kitley ran his first marathon in an impressive 2:56:37. But when he used a run/walk strategy for his second, he finished in 2:53:27. For that race, he ran 19-to 20-minute stretches at 6:24 pace and walked through every water station (except the last one) for at least 40 seconds. “Whenever I got tired, I reminded myself I just needed to make it to the next station and I could give my muscles a break.” His goal now is to use the technique to break 2:50 in Berlin in September. Though it’s clearly working for him, Kitley’s strategy needs fine-tuning if he’s to hit his target. “I’ve been training through trial and error,” he says

Interesting strategy! I like the way this guy thinks. Give the body short rest breaks, fuel and then push hard. The article goes on to say that walking actually helps improve your running by shifting the workload and allowing a runner to go further. In addition the chance of injury declines and recovery time is shorter.

I like this article a lot. I have always felt like I would be “weak” or a “failure” if I took walk breaks but looking back my marathon PR included walking through water stations. Hmmmm. Time to re-evaluate.

What do you think? Do you frown upon walking? Do you incorporate walking through water stations? What works for you?


8 thoughts on “These shoes were made for walking

  1. Jeff & Bree incorporate walking into their runs. When we did the RNR last year they beat my time using that method… I think there’s something to it.
    Now,on a completely different subject. I fell asleep last night so I’m going to need my “Bach Recap” 🙂 Standing by……..

  2. I walk for a few minutes to refuel and regroup. I like this guys philosophy. Push hard and take short breaks.

  3. It use to beat me up having to walk – I always thought it was harder to stop and get going again than it was to just keep trudging along. I’ve embraced it though, now – not exactly welcoming it but more of being forced to due to severe under-training – but it worked well. Obviously I prefer to run the whole way, but if you have to, walk! Stop! Sit! Whatever’s going to get you that mental & physical boost to finish.

  4. Well since it was my sanity for RNR and the only way I finished injury free I am praising the method. I was actually thinking the other day that I might run all my short runs and run/walk my long runs. We shall see.

  5. I thought this was interesting! That’s such a great finish time! I’m not good at drinking on the run, so I used to slow down and walk to the water stations. Now I wear my hydration belt and that helps. Everyone’s different and if you have to take walk breaks I think it’s totally okay!! 🙂

    I want to do the Tinkerbell race! I think it’d be so much fun! I’ve never wore a tutu during a race before and this one seems like the one to rock one! I’ve got this one saved in my archives!! 🙂 xo

  6. I think walk breaks can work. But I think you have to train with them. Trying to use them in a race when all your long runs had no walk breaks, I think is not ideal. I think it would mess with my head in a race unless I was used to the practice.

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