I’m coolin, I’m coolin coolin

It’s only 10:45 am and it’s a totally stereotypical Monday.

Morning started with more than one person deciding to take a sick day. About 1 hour into the morning power goes out in the building. Who is the only one in my department with a company celly? You guessed it!


Luckily for me some genius restored power about 30 minutes ago. Now I can get you all caught up with moi before I dive back into the madness.


Today’s workout: 4 mi run, 25 min strength/core

Before anyone yells at me for running, I was able to step out of bed with no pain this morning. Per the doc that’s a green light for an easy run. I had no pain while running and just some slight soreness/tightness now. YES!

I will take the next 2 days to crosstrain and if no pain on Thursday or Friday will get another easy run in. There will be no speedwork or real long runs until I am completely pain free.

Today starts my attempt at controlling my sugar intake. I logged back into nutritiondata.com for the first time in about 6 months and will track my grub. Ugghhhh it’s a pain, but it keeps my butt in line during the work day. No restrictions at all- just keeping myself in check. Too much sugar isn’t good for the bod.

With my attempt at seriousness (ha) I will also prepare a post on key workout #2- free weights. Get ready to get pumped people.

Okey dokey, done with the boring chat. It’s Monday and that means tonight we get our drama on with:


*Spoiler Alert- I have been told only one person gets eliminated tonight and that it’s kinda of an eh episode.

So if you don’t feel like howling with the wolves tonight I’ll have ya covered in the review tomorrow.

Ok, I am off to get some work done. For now I leave you with a jam that has been stuck in my head all morning…


One thought on “I’m coolin, I’m coolin coolin

  1. Even if it’s “eh” I’ll still watch it. I supposed after the Bentley Brouhaha, the next episode will be drama-free-ish.

    Today is Meeting Monday for me. Which really works well (sarcasm) with a mini-deadline tomorrow. Blurrgh.

    Yay for your foot, though! I hope it keeps up not being b*tchy.

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