Rest. What rest?

This was the first weekend of 2011 with no running, no gym, no nothing. Feels weird. Feels wrong. But also feels kinda good. I know that rest is good for my body, but it is making my mind crazy!

This is how my mom feels but can't pull this look off as good as I can

What do I do when I am going insane because I am not allowed to run on this Sunday? Head to church during the most busy service, spend a butt ton of money at the grocery store, bake a carrot cake, do a zillion loads of laundry and finally sit down to eat a bomb-diggity dinner

Salmon burger w/quinoa salad

That quinoa salad was seriously good. I made enough for an entire village. Guess what everyone is getting in their lunch tomorrow?! Hope you liked it family.

Now I am off t to get the clothes put away, the dishes cleaned up, get the kids bathed and in bed. Did I say I was resting? Wait, there is no resting when LD is screaming at these guys

Photo Credit: Marc Lamont Hill

I apologize San Diego. In fact, I apologize to Orange County and LA too. I am sure he can be heard all the way in Dallas. Seriously. Yelling. Is he getting paid if the Mavs win and I don’t know it?


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