Do Something!

After I blah blah’d about not hearing anything about  my volunteerism for the PR 5k, I got an email last night with the deets. I had to be in Point Loma no later than 7 am this morning (yaaaaay, that’s late for moi) and be ready to do work.

I checked in and was ready to put on my course marshal vest…and then was told I was moved to a finish line official. Holy worried about screwing something up! There were 7 of us at the finish so at least I wasn’t rolling solo.

The event kicked off with Phillip Rivers giving a speech

We then sang the national anthem and the race started at 8:15 on the nose!

On your marks...get set....go!

Once the runners got going we got into our places and waited. Around 15:20 we were told the winner was approaching and we got the chutes ready! I ended up being  in charge of chute #3. I had to collect the bottom part of the race bibs and place them in order on a hook.

I never knew how stressful it is trying to get bib bottoms hooked in order! Holy smokes, I was panicked that I was doing it wrong. By them time the first 100 people were done they said not worry about order, the d-tags were working fine and now we were just collecting the bib bottoms for the raffle! Yahoooo! Stress gone!

I cheered and congratulated runners as they finished. It was so fun being on this side of a race! To see the smiles and excitement of runners finishing was so awesome. I know that feeling. That feeling rules!

The final walkers crossed the finish line around 1:20 and the festivities began.

Rock Runners as finish line officials!

What a rewarding morning! I had a great time and got to spend time with my peeps in the Rock Running ministry getting to “Do Something.” I will definitely do this again 🙂


Now that I got to run vicariously through others this morning it’s time to get my hiney in gear for the day…



3 thoughts on “Do Something!

  1. This race was like September last year – guess they moved it up? I almost did it last year but the entry fee was crazy high for a 5k ($40+). Considered doing it this year but I had to teach this morning so, no 5K for me!

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

    1. $40 is high for a 5k. Not sure what the entry fee was this year, but the vendors were decent (zico water, muscle milk, larabar). Hope your class went well!! When is your next race?

      Have a great weekend!!

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