Half way to 2012

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Today has been super crazy for me. I spent all morning in meetings and most of the afternoon on conference calls. Total MIA boss.  Lately my job is requiring more and more and I am trying to find a balance. It’s tough. Tonight is the Thursday night adventure run and for the first time I am missing it (insert sad face).  I so wish that I could go on a nice long run…

Hmmmm what's that over there?

Ahhhhhh running makes all the stress go away. So when I can’t run what do I do? Drink way to much coffee, consider some serious retail therapy (new jeans anyone?) and register for races in 2012. Yes, that says 2012! We are half way there. It seems so far away however it’s worth it to save dinero on entry fees.

I am kind of irked with the Competitor Group. At the RNR Expo I asked if the $10 discount code that runners get post race is good for the Carlsbad all day 25k (also put on by Competitor). They said yes. When I signed on today to register it says the code is only good for RNR Races. THANKS GUYS. Appreciate that. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Remember, the GIVEAWAY winner will be announced

tomorrow afternoon! It’s not too late to enter…




2 thoughts on “Half way to 2012

  1. Looks like you are airborne! We missed you last night. Leah won two prizes. We ended up running 5 miles. Neither one of us were planning on that and it was a struggle with heavy legs from Sunday. Map guy won the RR grand prize!

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