Bringing it back to Monday

Today’s Workout: 25 min spin intervals, 30 min strength training, 10 min core, 15 min elliptical. WHEW! Let me tell you how ready I am to run again…patience patience patience. 


On Monday we ventured to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. We are passholders and love taking the kids as often as possible. Is it a good idea to do it with an injured foot the day after a race? Not so much- but hey, I can buck up for Mickey Mouse!

Ready for some serious fun!


The new Little Mermaid ride opened in California Adventure so we headed that way first. It is FAB. We waited in line for almost an hour and it was worth every minute! I know it sounds crazy for a kiddy ride, but hey, I love my Disney!

The ride featured all of the major scenes from the movie. The characters inside were so realistic! It’s amazing what they can do these days. Bear did not want to get off of the ride. She cried and said she needed to go back inside to say goodbye to Ariel. So so so sweet!

Me and my girlie!

After we got over the tears we headed over to Toy Story!! So.Freaking.Fun. Love the 3D carnival games!

Daddy and his boy ready for 3D action!

We were surprised how busy both parks were for a Monday. By lunch most rides had a 45 min to an hour wait. That’s busy for a weekday.

After 8 long hours we were out. See ya next month Mickey.


Don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY. The winner will be picked by on Friday afternoon. Awesome way to start the weekend!



One thought on “Bringing it back to Monday

  1. Sounds like a great time!! 🙂 That’s the only drawback about Disneyland…the long lines! But, when you see the smiles and anticipation on the kids faces it makes the time go by faster!!

    Have you ever been to Knott’s Berry Farm?? Lines aren’t as long and “Camp Snoopy” is a lot of fun for the little ones!! Great rides for us “Big Kids” too!! 🙂

    “Have a Great Evening!!”

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