1 Day.


Woke up this morning and headed down to the convention center for the expo/packet pickup.

I have to give it to the event organizers in SD. They know how to do it. The convention center is huge with lots of bathrooms and plenty of space for 30,000 runners.

Walked in, got my bib and shirt within 2 minutes! Couldn’t believe it. Fastest pick up ever.

For those of you that have been to an RNR Expo you know that they are HUGE. It seems like every vendor on the planet is there! From running gear to food to Mott’s juice.

A lot of the booths were giving out samples this year which was awesome. I have a bag full of bars, chomps, pain patches, rubs, stickers, deodorant, cereal. Total awesomeness!

The best part of the expo?


Being with my best friends!!!!

**I have no idea why there is a weird blur spot on every photo today. Freaky camera!

After taking in all of the excitement we had an awesome lunch. Now it’s chill time before dinner and an early bed time. Race is at 6:15 tomorrow morning so I need to be out of the door by 4:45-4:50. I am riding my bike to the start line so I need to give myself time to get there, find a fence to lock it up on and make my way to meet up with the troops so we can pray before we run.

Still wavering on switching to the half. Foot is tight- like a tight hammy- so I don’t know how long it will last. So ready to give it a few weeks to heal and race healthy again.

For those of you that will be keeping an eye on me tomorrow here are the digits:

Keep me in your prayers! Honestly, if I am hurting I’ll switch to the half. I know it sounds wussy, but hey, better to be safe than sorry right? That’s what my mom always says…

Yes the giveaway announcement is coming!


2 thoughts on “RNR SD Expo

  1. I will be watching, and praying. Good luck! You are a rock star though so I know you will do great! Love the shirts too, didn’t like our design much at all.

  2. There is nothing wussy about listening to your body – we (runners) are too accustomed to pushing through pain.

    Maybe the economy is getting better if they are giving out more samples! The last two years the expos have been sparse with the samples.

    Good luck tomorrow!

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