At this time last year I was lacing up for my first marathon. I ran it in racing flats (dumb me) and still have them laced in the back of my closet with my timing chip attached. My finish time 3:59.

Time to take on #4


Today’s workout: 40 min spin, 20 min core/stretch.

2 days. RNR is HERE!


Went to the doc this morning. Ultrasound done (all good), very little calcium (yes!) just some tightness in the ligament causing soreness. Total rest for the rest of today and tomorrow and then its race day! Doc said the “safe” route is switching to the half but thinks that I should be good to go for the full. If I have any stabbing pain I have to stop. PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN! He advised to use my heat sock Sunday morning to get the ligament nice and warm to loosen it up and listen to my bod.


San Diego is buzzing with people! 33,000 running the race. 70% from out of town! Woweeee, love the visitors. 

Side note: If you are coming here from out of town you might want to reconsider renting a car. We already have enough bad drivers and lost tourists usually result in car accidents. If you do rent a car please be careful!!! 


I am heading to the expo tomorrow morning with the rest of the world. Uggggghhhhh. I would much rather go today but it’s just not in the plans. The Padres are home this weekend so you can imagine how busy downtown is! Heading there after work would be a freaking nightmare.

With all of this race excitement I think it’s time for another giveaway. Yeah. That’s a good idea! Stay tuned…



  1. what a great doc. Every doc I’ve seen about injuries tells me never to run again…

    I wanna be in SD this weekend!!! Is it forecasted to rain down there like it is up here?? that’s a funny warning about the car crash rate…geez, is it really that bad! yikes.

    Wish you much luck and healthy feet.

    1. No rain here! I think we may get sprinkles if anything on Sunday morning. My brother is moving from NorCal down here this weekend and he said the weather is supossed to be really bad! Eeek!

      Thanks girl. If it hurts I’ll cut over with the halfers. For sure don’t want to risk being out the year.

  2. I’m so hoping your foot holds up!!!

    Haven’t commented in a while. My computer crashed last week and I just got my new one. Lovely, huh?

    Can’t wait for the race recap!

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