Celeb chat…say it aint so!

Today’s workout: 1 mi run, 20 min spin, 20 min free weights, 1 mi run

Yes foot is still sore, let’s not talk about it. (for now)

 We have more important things to discuss like this:

Justin Timberlake and Ashley Olsen have reportedly been spotted out on dates around New York.

JT. Really? No. Really?


His reps say they are “just friends.”  But Usmagazine.com says otherwise. Who do we believe…hmmmmmmmm. What does the Enquirer say?!?! HA! Is that mag still around? My grandpa used to love that one!!

What do you think about Simon Cowell and his Botox?

Photo Credit: Daily Mail
A source at the X Factor tells the Daily Mail, “Simon had overdone things a little with the Botox and it soon showed up on camera – especially as we film in high-definition, which is particularly unforgiving. During the break between shows, the producers were quick to change the lighting over the judging panel. Simon was not happy.”
I don’t see why he even needs Botox? I mean is anyone really paying attention? I would have never guessed…but then again, why would I?
3 days…praying praying praying.

One thought on “Celeb chat…say it aint so!

  1. thank goodness for you…without you, I wouldn’t get any of my celeb gossip fix and bachelorette recaps. Really, JT and an olsen? He can have ANYONE, yes?

    p.s. I blew it yesterday on the discount…I knew I would. It was a busy day and I barely got to my computer in the evening. bleh.

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