Come on get Hapi!

Last night we headed 20 minutes north to Encinitas to try out HapiFish

This is a cute spot located on North Coast Highway. It is moderately priced, very casual and seating options include indoor, sushi bar or patio.

My crappy photos don’t do this place justice. The patio is big (think party patio) and there is 2 sushi bars inside. Thank goodness I don’t work for Food and Wine magazine. I would be fired.

There are 2 menus. A sushi menu and then a dinner/patio menu with a ton of non-seafood options. Love that they offer alternatives for people who don’t like fish. The kids menu even offered corn dogs. Where else can you have sushi and corn dogs?

SP went for sushi
H had sushi and corn dogs. Not kidding.

We really liked this place. There are several sushi restaurants in San Diego county and this one ranks high on our list for the following reasons:

* Fish is GREAT. Melts like butter. Lots of options!

* Menu is diverse with options for non-seafood eaters

* Food comes out FAST (important for those of us with kids. or those of us that go to restaurants starving)

* Awesome HapiHour daily

* Kid Friendly

* Awesome Staff

They told us that reservations are recommend between 6-8 pm on the weekends. Unlike many beach restaurants this one has ample parking.

If you are in the SD area or drive through for a visit go eat at HapiFish. You will not regret it.


Time to head to church and tackle the usual Sunday chores!





One thought on “Come on get Hapi!

  1. I love that this place serves corn dogs and sushi, haha! Definitely kid friendly. And I love the orange walls! 🙂

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