If you don’t want to hear any whining today press the little “X” in the upper right hand corner and save yourself now. If you choose to read on you have been warned.


Today’s Run: 8.3 miles…sad face.

The sad face is not because that I only ran 8.3, the sad face is because I had to stop at 8.3 miles because my foot was getting sore. WHY WHY WHY? I cannot put into words my frustration. PF is the worst injury and it takes FOREVER to heal.

One of the men that runs with us is a chiropractor and he graciously worked on my foot post run. What a brave brave man. I screamed it hurt so bad. But whatever he did worked because as I sit here with ice on it the pain is almost non-existent. Easy for it not to hurt when I am not pounding.

In addition the Nike GPS watch was struggling ONCE AGAIN.

I put the sensor in my shoe as recommended by tech support and it was NO HELP. The GPS signal dropped multiple times and at one point it said I was running a 20 min mile. UM NO. I walk faster than that.

I am at a loss. I will be calling tech support again today and if they can’t get it right I am asking for a refund and buying a Garmin. Period.



Last night my rock star hubby played a sold out show **BRAG**

Yes it’s awesome. And a totally acceptable reason as to why we didn’t do the usual new restaurant Friday night. Do you know what that means? We will be having new restaurant Saturday tonight! Yippeeeee! Hope this place is good!


One thought on “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. I have heard plantar fasciitis is a bugger – takes a long time fully heal. I’m sorry you had a crappy run. I had an “eh” race today – I ran the same pace as the 10K I did 3 months ago in a 5K. Disappointing. And I came in 4th overall (small race). 4th is really annoying.

    Anyway, thanks for telling me your usual half taper. Today, during the race, my legs were sluggish and I think I am just getting worn out from the mileage. I really feel like 13 tomorrow and then another 4 each day til Thursday (so 32 miles from today to Thursday) is going to leave me with zero spring in my step for Fontana. So I am telling the SmartCoach plan to take a small hike, and trimming my mileage down to 8-10 tomorrow.

    Oh, and yeah, the SmartCoach plan times seemed pretty slow to me. I was usually doing around 9:00 for long runs and it first told me to start at 9:42. However, googling seems to indicate that running only 30-45 seconds slower than half race pace for long runs is not really the way you are supposed to train. I guess.

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