77 degrees = Hot Sweaty Mama

Today’s Run: 4 miles

My original plan was 3 miles that somehow turned into 4. I am kind of mad at myself given I plan to run 10 tomorrow and need to be very careful with my foot.

It was beautiful outside- around 77 degrees. The only tough part was the wind gusts. I was running into a headwind for the first mile and a half. My hood is rolling hills so combine that with wind and it’s a stinking good workout out.

I am not used to running in heat so 77 degrees turned me into a hot sweaty mess!!

Grease Grease Baby

Downed my protein shake now I am off to shower, pick up a few birthday gifts and pick up the kiddos from school.


One thought on “77 degrees = Hot Sweaty Mama

  1. sweet arms, as always. so studly.

    Keep that foot healthy! and I’m afraid of the summer weather. hot runs can be a challenge…sometimes it feels gooooood to have sweat just ev.ery.where. But sometimes all I can think about is a slurpee, and I want to just stop and drink for an hour

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