Oh Yes I Did Go There…

Today’s Workout: 45 min elliptical, core


I am getting so super excited for RNR! I have obeyed docs orders all week and other than a 3 mile run on Monday I have only cross-trained. I will admit I am a bit scared about my foot. I am going to run on Saturday with the gang to see how it does. At least we are running in an area where if I needed to stop and go back it’s no big deal. A total “no-commit” trail.


For whatever reason I have been on a total old school kick lately. I told LD the other night that I miss the old milk commercials with the cow jumping over the moon. Remember that one? “Milk it does a body, milk it does a body good! Pass it on!” HA!

So in keeping up with my kicking old school theme I started to think about exercise fads that people did that might be embarrassing to admit. Come on, we have all been suckered into one of them!!

You too can have thighs like Chrissy!
OMGosh...no words

Now you must be wondering which one I got suckered into. I am not afraid to admit. You have heard me say it once and I’ll say it again: AINT NO SHAME IN MY GAME!

Get abs without working out!

Oh yes I did. Actually my WHOLE family did. I am pretty sure my mom got each of us one on Ebay back in 2000!! Do you remember this baby?! It claimed to work your abs without doing a single crunch!

I remember having to slather on what was similar to ultrasound gel or water. If  I did not put it on before hand that belt would shock the ever-loving mother out of my abs! FREAKING HILARIOUS.
To this day I still say the thing somewhat worked. Maybe it’s just because it would contract my ab muscles and that hurt like a @!#$%^@$I^*#!!!!!! Or maybe it’s because I used it in conjunction with my workouts. I’ll never know.
So tell me:



Please tell me someone has tried this:

6 thoughts on “Oh Yes I Did Go There…

  1. Good morning my dear,

    Yes, I’ve tried them all 🙂 Right down to the “toning tables”. Your Dad still teases me about that fad. It was “circuit training” at it’s finest. It was a club similar to a Curves. There were 6-8 machines. I can’t remember now it was so long ago. You would start at station #1, lay on the table, turn that bad boy on and it did all the moving for you! Talk about working up a sweat! Yep, you spent 5-10 minutes on each for 30-60 minute work out. I swore it worked 🙂 I wonder if those are still around……..

  2. i love that one of your tags on this is “i am funny no matter what anyone says”. i’ll agree, you’re pretty darn funny!

    i remember when the “ab-doer” came out – me and my little brother and my dad were all in the kitchen and my dad saw the infomercial and the next thing you know he was yelling “HONEY! GET ME THE CREDIT CARD!”… I don’t think anyone ever used it…

  3. Sending you healthy vibes girlie!! I’m tapering too! I usually taper marathon week. But, I’m giving myself 2wks this time. Just want to play it safe!! 🙂 You’re going to do great! I hope I spot you out there!! 🙂

    Yes, “Milk does your body good!!” The “shake weight” is the funniest one!! 🙂

    “Have a Happy Wednesday!!”

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