Jump Jump

Today’s workout: 40 min spin intervals, strength training.


For those of you that do spin or have tried spin you know what jumps are. I would like to officially declare that I hate jumps. Here is why:

1. The spin bikes in my gym are located in the middle of the cardio floor. There is no class so each bike has a virtual monitor attached. When I get to a section that requires jumps everyone else around me is looking at me like I am a total maniac humping the bike. Yes they do. Cue video of  how to do jumps:

Now picture that from the side and you’ll get my drift.

2. JUMPS ARE HARD. Legs burning, sweat pouring, butt kickers. I know, that’s not a reason to hate them. In fact, that should make me love them.


I am so proud that I have continued my week of run rest. Interval training has been good to keep my cardio up and has given my body much needed rest. I plan on a 9-10 miler on Saturday to get my legs ready and then will likely only do 2 short easy runs next week. I can’t believe race day is almost here! YIPPPEEEEEEE!!!!

P/S My doctor was right about shoes. As soon as I laced up the Asics this morning they fit my foot like a glove. Guess we are meant to be. My Brooks are the same way. Guess Nike and I are just meant to be cross training buddies…for now.


Anyone have any Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

~ My boy turns 4 on Monday so this is his weekend! BBQ, sunshine and birthday. Love it!

9 thoughts on “Jump Jump

  1. Did you watch BL last night? Otherwise, a tiny/partial spoiler alert here…

    I am distrurbed by Anna Kournikova. I don’t think the skeletal-look is what we should be going for with the contestants. At least the rest of the trainers look healthy-thin.

  2. Yes, I watched it and I too am annoyed. Of everyone in the world how did they pick her to be a trainer? What are her qualifications? That she plays tennis and makes out with Enrique? I feel like this was a ratings move which bums me out. I admit that I will watch it because I have something wrong in my brain.

  3. i am such a completely weenie, I haven’t done a spinning class yet because i know it woudl kill me! I am finally able to ride my bike outside for over an hour and battled a huge hill this wekend. seriously how can i run a marahton and be so sad on a bike!

  4. Aww happy almost birthday to your little one! BBQ and sunshine sound fabulous! 🙂

    And those jumps look like serious business!

  5. Guess what my plans are?? A birthday party for my lil 4 year old too. 🙂 LOL

    I will be running tomorrow and probably Sunday since Saturday is the BIG party. Then I’m off to Disneyland on Tuesday (I will call you later) so hoping to get in some runs some where around Disneyland next week. Feel free to send me some ideas if you have some otherwise it’s me and the TM.

    GIve H man a big hug from Aunti and I will have something for him in my bag next weekend.

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