Tuesday Bach Talk!

Today’s Workout: Hasn’t happened…I was up until 11:00 pm people. That’s late for this old lady. Enough exercise talk, let’s get right to it, shall we?!!!


The Bachelorette premiered last night on ABC. Let’s start with the star herself:


photo courtesy of abc.com

After having “her heart broken” by Brad she is back to find true love. No longer a blonde, Ashley says she is ready to find Mr. Right. 

The show does the typical lame, fake intro with her walking the balance beam by the ocean and then showing her dancing on an empty stage (Read: she is lonely. No crowd. No man. Nice work ABC). They do a little schtick on some of the dudes and then 20 minutes in we finally have Ashley sitting down with Chris Harrison.

The convo was totally typical bach script. “I didn’t do it right.” “I had my walls up” Blah blah blah…come on, we’re 30 minutes in lets meet the dudes. Right before the limos arrive Ashley tells Chris that she knows one of the guys, Bentley Williams, is there for the wrong reason. LET THE DRAMA BEGIN!


The 25 bachelors arrive by limo. One by one she meets the guys and then sends them inside to get liquored up. We know Ashley loves her wine and the producers like drunk contestants- it makes for good tv.

Let’s meet some of the guys.

The first guy out of the limo was RYAN P.

Ryan P.

He owns his own solar energy company and lives in Corona Del Mar. I thought he came off as a genuinely nice guy. He is young (31), smart, good looking, and appears to love his job. He also ended up with the FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE. I was kind of surprised, however, he was the first one she met, he was the first one she had a convo with. 


Then there was Mickey


He ripped a page out of Chantel O’s book (the brunette that made it to the end on Brad’s season) and said “This is from every man in America” and then instead of slapping her (that would have been bad) he went in for the kiss. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. It was gross. Ashley tried to duck but I still think he snuck one in. Seriously, it was creepy. I figured she would eliminate him, but no, he got a rose. Maybe it’s because he was voted Cosmo’s Hottest Bachelor of 2010?

Hubs reminded me that he tried to kiss me on our first date, however, I successfully ducked out of the way. Apparently this must work because all know LD is still around. LOL!


Remember in my original post about the show starting I asked why Jeff’s photo was blacked out? Well last night he showed up as the masked crusader.


I just don’t get the whole mask thing. He says he doesn’t want her to consider him for his looks so he is wearing the mask for “now.” He came off as being quite confident.  I guess we have to give in to the mystery man twist because he got a rose. They kept showing him lurking in the shadows and off by himself. I still don’t know how I feel about this.


Then there was the drunkest man in Los Angeles, TIM.

Tim was so hammered that he nearly got in a fight with the masked crusader. When he finally got one on one time with Ashley he could barely speak. When she asked him what he did for a living he answered “I sell woonnnennspurits” or something like that. He is a liquor distributer that clearly needs to steer clear of the booze.


Yes, he passed out. And was snoring. And did not make it to the rose ceremony because he got put in a limo and sent home. HILARIOUS.


And then we meet BENTLEY

You know, the one she was warned about before the show started.

Now, in knowing he is not there for her why would she keep him around? DUMB DUMB DUMB.

He is a single dad living in SLC, Utah. He tells Ashley that he has been divorced for a few years and is ready to find love. She says finds him to be honest, good looking and there for her. I am not sure where she got that from because he said nothing to her to give her any sense of security.

Later off camera he gets irritated that he did not get the first impression rose because “He is not really attracted to her, but is competitive so he feels he should have gotten it.”

If you watched the show you got to see clips of him acting like a complete A$$ in the upcoming weeks. I think he says something along the lines of “She is just not my type, I am going to make Ashley cry. I hope my hair looks ok.” I want to barf on this guy. Perhaps that is why he is divorced? SERIOUSLY DUDE, YOU JUST RUINED YOUR CHANCE WITH EVERY WOMAN IN AMERICA.


Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Tim McCormack (before the ceremony starts since he was drunk as a skunk), Frank Carpenter, Jon Ellsworth, Anthony Santucci, Mike Burns, Rob Dahm, and Chris Malhomme.


So if you watched last night what did you think?

~ I would say get ready for some drama! Between the masked crusader and the biggest jerk on the planet, we are bound to have a lot of mindless entertainment. The dreamer in me hopes she finds “the one!”

Who are your faves?

~ I think William is such a great guy! Hope he stays around. I also like Blake and JP

Does anyone else want to go slap Bentley?

~ As Mouth once said “JERK ALERT!!!!!!!”


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Bach Talk!

  1. Hey Sis, I too stayed up until 11 watching this dang show knowing I had to be up at 330 to get your Dad to the airport. I arrived at work at 6am to have contractors waiting for me. They must have known I stayed up late last night. I seriously had 3 trucks here before 7am for material. Not to mention I was by myself….. I’m tired beyond tired but totally worth it.
    I’m sure the show told her to keep Bentley on for the ratings. Masked man too. Drunk Tim is the first time I think I’ve ever seen anyone pass out on the show. That was hilarious. The sound of snoring coming from the mansion when they panned out to go to commercial had me laughing out loud. So far I like Ryan and the guy from Ohio. And no, not just because he’s from Ohio 😉
    Love you my dear. Mom

  2. The masked guy is dumb. He wanted to take his face out of the equation but then all they talked about was the mask. What is the difference? Lame.

    At this point, whatever douchey-ness Bentley does unto Ashley is probably not going to yield much sympathy from me. She is choosing to keep this butt-nugget around – she could have just released him last night.

  3. Okay I have NEVER watched the Bachlorette but from this post and this post alone I might just start. LOVELY another thing to watch when my kids and my hubby isn’t hogging the TV. You guys are killing me with your comments. So Monday nights, 9:00pm?

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