Like it or not, time to taper.

Today’s workout: 25 min spin intervals, 3 mile run, core.


Even if I didn’t want to taper I do not have a choice. I had a follow up with Dr. Magic Man this morning and he said the foot needs rest. He prescribed interval training for the rest of the week and ok’d a 9-10 miler on Saturday as long as there is no pain. And when he says no pain, he means not even an ache. When I asked about trying a tempo run on Thursday he flat said no. Not even maybe, just no. Total slave driver I tell ya (read: thank goodness he is a good doc or I would probably ignore him).

Since the law was being laid down today I was also told no more running in the Vomeros. WAIT. WHA??? You heard right. No running in the Nikes. Apparently my feet are not on the same page as the rest of my bod. My right heel was out, my right arch was out and I was all kinds of jank. I can slowly introduce them post RNR rest if I would like, but right now he have me a BFN (big fat NO).

Although I got a whole lotta NO today, it was a productive appointment. I just hope I have enough done to be ready for RNR. Interval training is not easy so if anyone wants to join me for major cardio this week let me know.


Per the request of the fabulous ROSE RUNNER I will not yet discuss this

Lady Gaga says that Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg were nervous to ask her to star in their '3-Way' skit on 'Saturday Night Live.'

But after today no promises so everyone go get caught up on SNL!


IMPORTANT REMINDER (I am talking to you Chacha):

The bachelorette premiers tonight! Get the popcorn ready for lots of abs and drama!

7 thoughts on “Like it or not, time to taper.

  1. ahhhhhh! OK, somehow I WILL find the time tonight to watch both the Bachelorette premiere, and the SNL finale. Of Course JT and Samberg were gonna break those two sexy-facial-haired men back, I should have known….

    p.s. YOU are fabulous.

  2. ahaha, I totally remembered earlier that I have that too look forward to! I agreed to sub a yoga class at the Y tonight after work, so I will be ready to relax after a long day and watch some favorite trash tv.

    So, if you’re not supposed to run in Vomeros, what are you supposed to run in? Conf-u-sed.

    1. I typically run in Asics and Brooks- he said introducing a new shoe in the midst of recovery is no bueno. Apparently changes stride ever so slightly causing foot to get all crazy. Ugh. Whatevs.

  3. Totally missed it didn’t know JT hosted SNL. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend!! Oh wait, I have a 50 person birthday party to put on for my boys. Maybe next week 😦

    1. It is against our BFFness to miss a JT even! HA! Watch it on hulu it’s freaking hilarious!! A 50 person guestlist? Good grief mama! We are doing the Zoo and fam lunch for H’s bday and then Disneyland on Monday after RNR. No parties this year! Yipppeee!!!!

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