Worked It Out!

Good Sunday morning everyone! Hope this weekend has been good to you. After my 2 hour cardio extravaganza yesterday I am looking forward to this day of rest. Let’s jump into the recap.


I woke up at 6:15 Saturday morn, got my gear together and headed out to my stomping grounds: CHUZE Fitness.

See all those cardio machines? That is just what you can see when you walk up to the door. There are so many machines that I have never seen anyone have to wait to get on one. That’s huge.

My plan was non-stop cardio for 2 hours since I should have been running 13-15 miles.

What is my foot doing? Sneaking in the pic...

Like how I bring the old school digi to the gym? Poor camera is on its way out . Half of the pictures come out blury because the camera now vibrates most of the time. Yeah, time to let it go.

I did one hour of spin on the sport training plan. It was a mix of flat, rolling hills, climbs, standing jog and jumps. I then ate 4 chomps and headed to the elliptical. I started with 20 min of rolling hills. At that point I had to refill the water bottle and take a quick potty break. I then hopped back on the ellipitcal and rocked out another 40 min. I.was.done. WUSSSSSSSSS. Ha!

Got my stretch on, did some core and headed out. Great workout to keep my fitness up on a run rest day. Let me tell you that coffee and breakfast tasted so very gooooooooood.


Pretty certain each of my legs weighs 20 pounds this morning. Nothin’ but lead baby. T-2 weeks til RNR!


Off to watch JT host SNL before heading to church.

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