No shame in my game.

Balance has been restored in my world.

Oh Monday drama how I have missed you! I so look forward to hours of mindless entertainment. Lets check out the guys, shall we?

The Bachelors:

  • AmesAge: 31
  • AnthonyAge: 28
  • Ben C.Age: 28
  • Ben F.Age: 28
  • BentleyAge: 28
  • BlakeAge: 27
  • Chris D.Age: 25
  • Chris M.Age: 27
  • ConstantineAge: 30
  • FrankAge: 29
  • J.P.Age: 34
  • JeffAge: 35
  • JonAge: 26
  • LucasAge: 30
  • MattAge: 28
  • MichaelAge: 29
  • MickeyAge: 31
  • NickAge: 26
  • RobAge: 27
  • Ryan M.Age: 27
  • Ryan P.Age: 31
  • StephenAge: 27
  • TimAge: 35
  • WestAge: 30
  • WilliamAge: 30

    Is anyone else wondering why “Jeff” is grayed out like he is a mystery character on Big Brother? Is he so super hot that his good looks can’t be revealed to soon? Or maybe he is a human Shrek….hmmmmm….we’ll have to wait and see!

    We all know that Ashley will cry like A ZILLION times so prepare yourself. You know I can’t take her ups and downs. This is going to get good people.

    What, wait, you are going to go vomit now?! Come on, you know I love garbage TV! At least I own it…I see you closet reality show lovers lurking out there. Don’t worry, I got your back. No shame in our game baby.


4 thoughts on “No shame in my game.

  1. Wait, when did this start?! I wonder if my husband knows to DVR this. I have no idea Bachelorette was already starting. Did I miss the first episode?

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