Healthy Vibes…who am I kidding? Someone get me a new foot!

Today’s Run: 5 mile @ long tempo (7:49 pace). My right foot is back to acting like a total spazoid. What gives? You were just fine at the 22 miler last Saturday and now you are all maniac like after 5? Come on now, I really need your cooperation!! Healthy vibes, positive thoughts, healthy vibes, positive thoughts!


I previously told you all about the new Nike Vomero +6’s.  I got a wild hair up my butt and tested them out this morning!

It was like running in the +3’s all over again but with PERFECT forefoot cushioning, a nice wide toe box and light on the feet. Oh Nike, I can’t believe I am admitting this, but I just might L.O.V.E this shoe.  We’re not in a relationship yet but if you do what you did for me today I just may commit. GASP. Don’t tell my Asics or Brooks. They don’t want to split anymore time than they already do.


With only 2 1/2 weeks to go til RNR, I got my final confirmation email. Yes, you read right. Final confirmation! ALREADY?!?!  So for those of you who will be runner tracking I have my bib # and corral assignment. I will share right before the race. For those of you running SD, have you gotten the email from competitor to sign up for text updates? I haven’t seen anything yet and couldn’t find it on the website. I want to make sure I sign up for this again as it was a huge help to my family when we could not find each other post race last year. At least they knew I finished and was alive and well…somewhere!

Ok all, do yourselves and go check out this raffle! 


11 thoughts on “Healthy Vibes…who am I kidding? Someone get me a new foot!

  1. Haven’t received my confirmation yet! I love the tracking that’s available for family/friends. Especially, for the BIG races! 🙂

    Getting excited…all of the races that I’ve been doing lately are leading to this one. I’ve got a score to settle in San Diego!!

    Yes, “Positive Attitude”,determines your altitude!!” You’re going to do GREAT!!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. So glad I am doing my first RNR with a pro like you that can tell me what I need to do. 🙂 Thanks for all the coaching I love you!! Love your slow but steady bestie!!

  3. whats so special about this shoe, hmmm? I’ve seen a couple posts on it. I’ve never been a Nike girl, but I’m curious.

    I giggled at your advice to check out “this raffle” — because at least on my reader, there is no link, so “this raffle” is a super secret! (even though I know exactly what raffle you are talking about)

    wish your ankle luck, and RACE: CONFIRMED!!

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