I can be such a baby

Today’s Workout: 40 min spin, 25 min strength training. Good.Sweat.Sesh.

When is my ankle going to stop hurting? Anyone? Anyone? Sprains take FOEVA to heal. So very annoying. If anyone has any suggestions I am game.


Yesterday the hubs got in touch with Nike to discuss some issues he is having with his sportband. He then so kindly brought up the fact that my GPS is consistently behind.

Some days are better than others, but being .80 behind last weekend was plain ridiculous. The solution? The satellite signal can drop so I need to make sure my foot pod is in.

*Warning* I am about to complain like a total baby. 

I completely understand if the GPS signal drops if I am in a remote area. Like Yucaipa. However, most of my runs are in the WIDE OPEN in the middle of a metropolitan city and not involve wooded trails or hidden valleys. Last weekend our 22 miler was coastal. That means the signal dropped enough times to put me almost 1 mile behind on our run. Talk about needing another satellite…or two.

Ok, I’m done being a whiner.

Lesson learned that I better keep my little foot pod on/in my shoe so that if/when the signal drops it will pick up the foot pod and keep the mileage accurate. I do like the watch. It’s easy to read, easy to toggle, touch screen back light, and the Nike plus computer program is easy to use. Granted it’s not as detailed as a Garmin, but for $199 it gives me what I need.


I have been stuck in the corporate world all day. From phone calls to meetings to a super yummy business lunch. My head is spinning. Total wacky Wednesday. I am so ready to go home, change into comfy clothes and catch up on Gossip Girl in the DVR. Yeah, that sounds perfect.


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