It’s cool to be hydrated: Giveaway!

You wake up in the morning, get dressed, lace up your shoes and off you go. There is just one thing you forgot: agua. You get 2 miles into your run or 20 minutes into your workout and you’re praying for a waterfall. Visions of ice cubes dance in your head. It’s true you are hallucinating, and no you are not on mushrooms. You are becoming dehydrated.

Fear no more. I just happened to have an extra water bottle in my closet.  One of you lucky peeps are going to win this:

Awwwww yeah. Just the solution you were looking for right? This is the sprint palm holder by fuel belt.  It holds 10 ounces of water and has a sweet little adjustable strap that wraps around your hand. This is huge if you are a clutz like me! There is a zippered pocket that holds your ID/Gel/ Key, whatevs.

This has been my go to for runs 10 miles or less or just to take to the gym. Love it. Now it’s your turn to test one out!

Want to enter? Reply to this post and comment help me decide which race to run in Maui!!

1. The Marathon

2. The Half Marathon

3. The Warrior Challenge (5k Saturday Morn, 1 miler Sat Afternoon, Half Marathon Sunday morning)

Decisions decisions!

Giveaway winner will be chosen by and announced on Monday morning…stay thirsty my friends!


14 thoughts on “It’s cool to be hydrated: Giveaway!

  1. Go for the Warrior Challenge!! Represent “California Gurls!!!”

    You know what’s so funny…I almost bought one similar to the one you’re giving away!! For reals!! I have the Nathan hydration pack that carries two small bottles around my waist. I’m not very talented at the water stations (haven’t got that down yet!!). So, in marathons I always take my own but, I’d like to try a BIGGER bottle!
    Thanx 4 the opportunity!! 🙂


  2. Go for the half. It will give you the satisfaction of a good run, but will also allow you plenty of time to enjoy your husband, the island and the whole vacation.

  3. Ooh I need to have this giveaway. I say run the 1/2. It’s a vacation without the kids. This way you can enjoy your relaxing trip.

  4. I’m gonna double up on comments here.

    1st: 22 miles!? yowza! I’m just gonna consider that a marathon. Dannnggggggg.

    2nd: a half is always my pick. I’ve never raced anything less, and a marathon is such a big mental and physical commitment that I reserve it only for the specialist of races. So half it is.

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