Back away from the cinnamon bears

When things get hectic during the day some people turn to the bottle. I turn to coffee or cinnamon bears. Yesterday I was on cinnamon bear overload. I think I had at least 6 (that I can remember) and my body (and teeth) wanted to kill me.  MAJOR SUGAR CRASH. I don’t ever not allow myself something but sugar binges are plain unhealthy and don’t go over well. In a sincere effort to stop myself today I have turned this

That just happened. Probably not the best way to manage it but it will work for today. TGIF!


Giveaway will be announced this afternoon!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Back away from the cinnamon bears

  1. This so reminds me of the sign on your door in your dorm in college. Something along the lines of going to class and not going surfing. I don’t remember I’m sure you will still know it word for word. Oh how I love you!!

    On an AWESOME note, ran 1.5 miles with NO pain last night and have little tightness this moring. YIPPIE!!! Super excited, I might just run again tonight. 🙂

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