Like a carpenter I laid it down!

I am soooo digging I heart radio playing all of the 90s jams this morning. FREAKING AWESOME. I almost had to put a client on hold so I could jam out to “Back in the day when I was young I’m not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.”  Ahhhhhh….the days of no responsibility and overalls. This adult/career thing is highly overrated!


This morning’s speed work: 10 min w/u; 3 x 1600 @ 6:40 pace (2 min RI); 10 min cool down

Dude, I laid it down this morning. WHO AM I? It’s the first time I have gotten a true speed workout in since Feb. IT FELT SO GOOD! It was not easy by any means but I got it done. I am certain I looked down at the TM every quarter of a mile to see how much further I had to go before a rest interval. The hardest part was actually the cool down. After running sub 7 min miles running an 8 min mile felt so so slow. I know, that’s just plain crazy.

Now I get to look forward to the Adventure Run tonight! Hope to win some sweet stuff!!!!


REMINDER! A new giveaway is coming tomorrow!!!


3 thoughts on “Like a carpenter I laid it down!

  1. That Adventure Run thing looks fun! But, alas, the in-laws are in town 😦 So I have to go home. Would much rather go on the Adventure Run.

    Maybe next month, RRS is pretty close to the office for me.

  2. That Adventure Run sounds like so much fun!! We have nothing like that in my area 😦 Maybe I’ll buy a plane ticket so I can join ya for next week’s run 😉

    You did GREAT on your run!!

    Looking forward to the giveaway!

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