Take Me To Lunch Or Lose Me Forever

Although my job is hectic and I often consider jumping out of my office window, there are days like today where it is worth it. Give me sushi and I am GOLDEN. I’ll even work harder than I did yesterday.

A new business associate came and we met for lunch at Niban Japanese Restaurant.

Photo courtesy of Yelp

This little spot is in Kearney Mesa next to Player’s Bar and Grille. It’s the first sushi joint I’ve been to where you order at the counter, pay for your food and then are seated at a table. I am a little leery about paying for sushi before I see it/taste it, etc but whatevs, made it easy since we were on a schedule.

I ordered the sashimi mix sans shell fish. I will admit that I am a snob about sushi. Just because imma white girl doesn’t mean I don’t know my fish. For $12 I got 12 pieces of sashimi (salmon, maguro and albacore), miso soup, garden salad w/ginger and a bowl of rice. And. It.Was. Good! HELLO AWESOME! I ate my whole lunch. Literally, all of it. I was the only chick in the group. The dudes were either grossed out or impressed. Regardless, I found a new lunch spot and got to know someone who is going to make my work life easier! WIN.


Now it’s time for my after lunch drink

It’s not the same as fresh brewed coffee but it does the trick. I know, pathetic.

Tomorrow is the first Thursday of the month and that means:


I look forward to this each month! If you are local please come join me, my RPIC and our slowly growing crew at RRS off of Convoy St. around 5:30 ish. The run is from 6-7 and then we hang out for the giveaway. This is super duper FUN so don’t miss out!

P/S A giveaway is coming on Friday!

4 thoughts on “Take Me To Lunch Or Lose Me Forever

  1. Sounds like such a great lunch! I love sushi so much. I am thinking it has been way too long since my last sushi fix!

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