Making It Happen

Today’s Workout: 45 min spin, 30 min medicine ball workout.

Today was a run rest day which was a good thing. The gym was on and poppin’ at 5:00 this morning. Where did everyone come from? I saw at least 6 people at the gym this morning running on treadmills all in Rock N Roll tech shirts. Looks like everyone is finally getting geared up for June 5th! I guess better late than never right?? All of those people will likely kick my hiney that weekend! Go figure 🙂


I am going to split up my post about my totally unorganized strength training into segments. What I was previously putting together was too long, and frankly, a hot mess. Beings that I am not a trainer and typically have no idea what I am doing this should be interesting! I fly by the seat of my pants. It works for me so if it will work for someone else let’s make it happen!

Photo courtesy of exploding dog.

Tonight I will kick it off with the trusty medicine ball. WARNING: I am not the best at explaining exercises. I will do my best with the photos!! If you are a visual learner like me than they should help…maybe. Did I tell you I am not the best photog either? LD is in charge tonight so if you don’t get it just blame the hubs. Sorry honey, we have to blame someone. Happy wife = happy life.


6 thoughts on “Making It Happen

  1. Yay!! I’m getting excited for San Diego!! I’m running Palos Verdes marathon this Saturday (training 4 San Diego!). 🙂 New Course right?? I ran the “old” San Diego course 7 yrs. ago. Is this your first San Diego marathon?

    haha “happy wife=happy life!!” me likey!! Same one I use to my husband! It’s so true! Give and take!

    Happy to hear that you had a nice Mother’s Day!! It’s really my favorite day of the year. My hubby tied me to the bed Sunday morning and declared Sunday’s are “NO RUNNING DAYS!” I couldn’t resist when all my kiddos jumped into the bed with kisses, cards and Hot Tamales!! 🙂

    “Have a Great Day!!”

    1. Good luck this weekend!! You are an inspiration Pam! Can’t wait to hear about how great you do 🙂

      This is my second San Diego marathon. The course last year had us on Fiesta Island for the last 10k and it was brutal! They did change it this year and I am looking forward to it! Only a few more weeks!! Praying for cool weather.

      Sounds like you had an awesome mama’s day! Kiddos, kisses and hot tamales? PERFECT!!!

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