Key Workout #1: Medicine Ball

DISCLAIMER: The following moves w/a medicine ball are ones that I have compiled over time from different magazines, videos, etc. I do not claim to have made these up myself. Shoot, if I did, I would be a billionaire on a yacht in Saint Tropez making it rain. I incorporate a medicine ball on my strength training days. I am in no way a pro and most of the time I make a complete fool out of myself at the gym. If I am doing something wrong in the below photos, please feel free to correct me! If you have any questions please contact a professional. OK, prepare yourself for some funny photos!


Key Workout #1: The Medicine Ball

This little weighted ball kicks my hiney on a weekly basis.

When I started working out with this bad boy I used a 2 lb ball which is what you will see in the photos. I now rotate between a 4lb and 6 lb ball. Let’s get into some of the moves!

Rotating Push-Ups: Start in the standard push up position with one hand flat on the ground, the other on top of the medicine ball.

Check out the high chair in the background. That's mom status right there

Lower yourself to the ground (keeping your elbow parallel) and push up. Then rotate the ball to the opposite hand and repeat.

I just mopped the floor so it's cool to kiss it

I do 3 sets of 10 push ups. You can also modify them and do them on your knees.

Seated/Standing Rotations: I do this exercise either standing or sitting, depending on how I am feeling that day! (I told you this is going to be janky) Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the medicine ball out in front of you with your elbows slightly bent.

Use your abs to rotate from side to side. I am looking to the side so you don’t have to see my tore up mug. The correct way is to keep your head and torso straight forward. Your lower body should not move- this works your core.

If you do this exercise on the floor, you will want to sit with your knees bent and your feet together. Hold the medicine ball at your chest, elbows bent. You want to make sure you keep the ball close to your body and aligned with your torso Rotate side to side. As you get better at it you can lean back to make it more difficult. I usually time this and do 3 sets at 1 min per set.

Oblique Twists: Stand with your feel shoulder width apart. Hold the ball close to your body, chest high.

That green sippy cup is all me baby.

Slowly rotate and twist to your left. You will pivot right foot to allow you to twist and flex your oblique muscle.

Hold it for 1-2 seconds and then rotate to the right to work the opposite side. As I type this I feel like it doesn’t make sense. Thank goodness I am not a writer for WHM or something! Hope the photo helps! I do 3 sets of 15.

Standing Crunches: I am going to have a hard time explaining this so I hope the photos help! Here is the starting position

I then crunch in like this

Does the visual make sense? I AM SO FIRED! I do 3 sets of 10 on each side. I just can’t find the words to explain. BOOOOO on me!

The Iron Cross: This works my shoulders and arms pretty darn good. Start standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the medicine ball over your head like this

Then slowly lower your arms into a “T” position with the medicine ball palm up in one hand

Shoulders burning, please hurry and take pic!

You will then raise the ball back up over your head and repeat on the other side. I do 3 sets of 20.

Single leg dead lifts: This will work your glutes, hips, quads and core. This one took me awhile to get good at because my balance was not so awesome. You will want to start holding the medicine ball out in front of you, one foot flat on the floor the other pointed behind. All of my weight is on my left foot in this pic

OMG David Beckham got into a car accident? Is he ok? Wait, I am supposed to be doing dead lifts. Honey, pause the TV!

Then slowly lower the ball to the ground. Keep your head up (unlike me in the following photo) and lift your leg behind you

Eeeeek. Bad form. Hope you get the idea!

Then return to the starting position and squeezing your glutes while doing so. Hot buns baby!

Hard Core Hamstrings: I have no idea what this move is called, but hard-core hamstrings suits it well. This works your core too.

Start flat on your back with your knees bent and both feet on the medicine ball

Please do this with shoes on. I am a poor example. I apologize

From this position push through your hips and roll the ball out so that you are lifting your pelvis off of the ground

Hold this for 10 seconds then slowly lower yourself back to the ground. I do six sets. To make it harder, when you lift through your pelvis, do single leg raises. This is a killer!

Look at my Abby dog in the background. She is chillin. She thinks I am a nut!


That is it for tonight. My photographer quit on me and is now ironing work clothes. Maybe he got sick of me telling him to direct me in front of the camera. At one point I think he said why don’t you do take the pictures and I’ll do the moves. I obviously ignored that request.


Time for me to go take care of my sweet tooth and catch up on the Biggest Loser.

14 thoughts on “Key Workout #1: Medicine Ball

  1. I know what I’m doing tomorrow!! Tonight I did PT work and Jillian Michaels Shape mag workout. Tomorrow is HRM workout!! Thanks girly! You have told me these workouts before but the pictures totally helped I was doing some WAY wrong. Tell LD he was a great photog! 🙂

    Oh and tell Abby dog to help more next time. 🙂

    1. LD was going to kill me! I am bad at explaining workouts!! A journalist that can’t describe something with words: FAIL. Thank goodness for the man behind the camera! Luv u!

  2. Ha ha. Your blog makes me laugh with all the side comments Thanks for the great workout tips I was just looking at medicine balls in walmart on sat. Yes I shop at walmart. Have you heard anything about p90x? I just ordered the dvd’s to incorporate with my running

    1. Cyndee
      I like insanity over P90x, I’ve done them both and I like that insanity is all core and your own body weight. P90x uses more free weights and I’m not a weight person. But both have great reaults and P90x has a killer ab ripper x workout that I love.

      1. I knew you would know! I have heard great things about both but have not tried either one. My friend Becky is a beach body coach, hopefully she’ll comment and give some insight as well 🙂

      2. Thanks ladies – I will let you know how the p90x works out. If not, then I will switch to insanity (: need to lose these extra 20 lbs I have been smuggling. lol

  3. You did great! I’m going to love these posts….love strength training and finding new exercises.

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