Don’t give me the Donald

Today’s Run: 6 mile tempo on the TM (1 mi easy w/u, 4 mi 7:30, 1 mi easy c/d)

I made an executive decision to bring back tempo runs and speed work into the routine. Now that I am on the mend I need more quality runs rather than janky, pokey miles. The fact of the matter is I go all mental on myself and will go slow forever in fear of getting injured. It’s silly and doesn’t help me improve at all. It felt so good to be running sub 8 min miles again!

I go to the doc at 12:30 today to check out the foot. I think I am going to have him work some magic on the ankle. Yesterday it was pretty dang sore until I somehow popped something and it felt so much better. Maybe my ankle was out? I taped it this morning and it’s a heck of a lot better, but it’s still sore. It’s been a week but this baby will likely linger.


I am still working on the strength training post. It’s a work in progress peeps. I didn’t think it would take me as long as it has. I need to trim down some of the info. Complicated right? That or I am just a total ding bat. Or both. Yeah, probably both. Thank goodness I don’t work in the IT department for my company. I would get the Donald instantly


Did anyone watch the celebrity apprentice last night? I saw the first hour and then fell asleep. I don’t think I have ever seen someone cry as much as Meatloaf did (is it just me or does it sound weird if you say meatloaf several times in row? Meatloaf, meatloaf, meatloaf. Weird). He literally cried the whole hour. Bless his heart.


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