Backdown = Bliss

There is tired. And then there is trrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeedddddd. Today I am trrrreeeeddddddddd. That’s what I get for staying up and watching dateline until 11 pm. Yes I said dateline. My best friends are also 75. What?


This morning I got up at the butt crack of dawn and drove down to hospitality point to meet my running peeps: The Rock Runners & Triathletes. Remember when I said it was 90 degrees earlier in the week? Today it is 60. And cloudy. And cold.

We ran a HILLY course that started at Mission Bay, wound through Ocean Beach to Point Loma and ended back at Hospitality Point. The total course was 13 miles. THANK YOU LORD FOR A BACK DOWN WEEK. Much needed for my wussy self. Let me tell you how much my legs hate me right now. They too are trrreeeddddddd. And they didn’t even watch dateline last night. I know, weird.

Post run we stretched and talked about next weeks plan for 22!

The girlies (all running the RNR full)

Why am I dressed like the unibomber? Because I am COLD. WUSS.

The dudes (that were left. most people took off by the time the camera came out)

We have such a great group! My church is HUGE and being involved in a running ministry is like NO OTHER! Good people, good times! If anyone is local and you ever want to join us, let me know!!!

Time to go get ready to head to Fallbrook for a kiddo party. I am preparing for my kids to be hopped up on sugar. AWESOME. At least tomorrow is my day, right? Riiiggghhhhhttttt. Come on, we all know mom’s don’t get days off…and I’m thankful for that!! I wouldn’t want to miss a moment- even when they make me feel like a total crazy woman.


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