Pasadena 2012

Today’s Run: 5 miles on the TM, .5% incline, 40 min. Ahhhhh this run felt so good. Too good. Almost easy. Almost.


Last night my RPIC (running partner in crime) and I received an email about the inaugural Rock N Roll Half Marathon that will take place in Pasadena, CA next February.

The course has not yet been determined, but it mentioned starting and ending at the Rosebowl. Based on that info alone I assume it’s a loop course throughout Pasadena!

The deal was the entry fee was only $55 if you were one of the first 500 to register. Now, this is a long ways away, but for $55 we were sold!

So the two of us officially registered for a 2012 race. This is huge for me as committing to an event that far out that doesn’t contain the words “all-inclusive resort” isn’t on my agenda!



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