Giving up on a clean car and strong talk

I took my car to get washed on Monday. Today it is down right filthy. It’s only been 3 days. Seriously, what is the point of washing a car in So Cal? (My Dad is probably thinking that is the most ridiculous question ever).

Let’s discuss, shall we?

For the most part we have great weather here. Last summer it averaged 69 degrees. Darn near perfect. Some even say it was “too chilly.” Those people should move to Arizona. Or Florida. Or somewhere super hot in the summer and then come back and appreciate June gloom. Woah, I am getting off track. Back to my car and why I shouldn’t wash it (at least the outside).

On Monday it was 90 degrees. HOT. Perfect day to wash the car! I took it to a place that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.Β Happy Car Wash. Doesn’t that make ya smile? It was packed! The poor dudes working were sweating their hineys off washing a butt ton of cars. I gave those guys a good tip…dry fast in hot weather otherwise there will be water stains. Kidding.

Car was sparkly clean. Loved it. Β On Tuesday it was still a beauty. Still lookin good on Wednesday. Then today happened. Typical cracked out April weather. I woke up this morning to fog, mist and cool ocean breezes. Awesome, right? I love this weather. However, total waste of a car wash.

Bitter party of one, your table is ready. Bitter party of one.

Maybe it’s because I PAID to get my car washed. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I had washed it myself. Wait, I take that back. I’d probably be hating on the fact that I took the time to wash it and now it’s all beat looking.

What is the resolution? Do I say eff it and not wash my car? My neighbors might not like that. Neither would my boss. I guess the only resolution is to shut up and put up…and move into a new house with a garage.


Getting. Down. From. Soapbox


I have had a few requests to discuss strength workouts- specifically arms/abs/glutes. Do we still have interest in this? If so I will put together a post for the weekend…and it may include a giveaway..


10 thoughts on “Giving up on a clean car and strong talk

  1. I am totally with you on the car wash. It is worse with a black car and a boss who is meticulous about his car. I get embarrassed when it is really bad. I took my car to get it washed last week. It was looking great until yesterday when I parked in Del Mar for lunch, the sprinklers went on. I have water spots everywhere. I of course reported to restaurant management, Aka Matt, that the sprinklers should not be set during lunch hours. My car was not the only one that got wet. So frustrating when my car was looking good for a change!

  2. I am really bad about washing my car. I wash my car like once a year. The sad thing is I’m not exaggerating. Maybe this one since it’s new I’ll do once a quarter. I’ve had it 5 months haven’t washed it yet. Probably just take it through one of those automatic ones attached to a Chevron.

  3. Shall I send you a picture of my black truck? I’m sure it will make you feel better.

    And yes I want a post and transplant of your arms and abs so get busy. πŸ™‚

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