Overdue update on family runners!

First I would like to share some awesome news! My bro, sis in law and nephews are moving to So Cal!!! Yahhoooo!! I cannot wait for them to get here. It’s going to be so awesome having them live so close!!! Can you tell from all of the exclamation points that I am super excited?


Now for running updates:

On April 30th my sister-in-law (SIL) ran her first half marathon, the Parkway Half! This half marathon is advertised as a fast, flat course along the American River. There is a runners course and a walkers course. My SIL, Brother and his buddy all took on the runners course.

I somehow cartooned this pic. Sweet!

It was a cold, windy morning but the three of them rocked it out. My brother said that the course wasn’t entirely flat ( he was a little butt hurt about that) however it was really pretty. Most people don’t know that Sacramento does have some beautiful spots!

Anyway, the 3 amigos all finished! My SIL ran the ENTIRE RACE and finished in 2:12! She kicked the boy’s butts! As a runner you never know what to expect on race day. She took  on the parkway like a total champ. So proud! GO GIRL!!! Congrats on finishing your first half! Now next time please wear your # on the front of your shirt so we can get race photos!!!

My (not so) little bro PR’d by 7 minutes!!! That is an awesome improvement brotha! He finished in 2:22 and I couldn’t be prouder.

My brother is as tall as the Empire State Building. Ok, not really, but close.

Running is not easy. It takes time, commitment, dedication and a little bit of crazy. It makes me uberly happy when my family and friends take on running and accomplish what they never thought they could. Brings total joy to my heart…and it gives me more peeps who understand the love/hate relationship with pounding pavement. I need company.


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