Sum-sum-summa time

Ahhhhhhhh….it’s another gorgeous day in SD. I am sad to be back at work, but super excited to get out and enjoy the summer-like weather at lunch. It’s going to hit 90 at the beach today (unheard of) which feels even hotter on the sand! It never gets that hot on the beach. Inland yes, the beach? NO WAY! It’s like summer in Florida but without the icky humidity! The heat will be here through tomorrow and then we head back into the high 60s! Now that’s more like it.


I have taken the past 2 days as complete rest days. It’s amazing what rest does for the bod! I am feeling really good and am ready to get back into the swing of things. I have plans to run with the Rock Runners again this weekend and I think they have 22 miles on the schedule.

So I have been wavering back and forth about the Maui Marathon. After this past weekend I realized what a total wuss I am in the heat. I am getting nervous about running in high humidity. I have read reviews from the past few years that go on and on about how humid it is. Eeeek! It starts at 5:30 am so that the weather is as cool as possible. We get some humidity in the late summer when storms come up from Mexico, but it’s nothing like Hawaii.  Anyone run in high humidity? If you were not used to it, how did you prepare for it? I am starting to think that the half might be a better option…


6 thoughts on “Sum-sum-summa time

  1. Hi Nicole! I don’t like running in heat/humidity either. That’s why I don’t race during July/August. I’m running the full-marathon in Maui for the fun/experience. It’ll be a nice vacay for the hubby and I. Honestly, I don’t know how I’ll do in the heat either. I’m sure I’ll be dumping a lot of water onto the top of my head!! I lived in Okinawa, JPN for 9 years and it was very, very humid. Don’t like the humidity…but, it is MAUI and the race is early…so, I dunno half or full?? If you really think that the heat won’t be good for you I’d say do the half. But, if you think that you can tolerate the heat/humidity I’d say do the full. 🙂

    Have a great day pretty mamma!! YAY to rest days! You deserve it!!

    1. Wow Pam! Japan?! Awesome! Like you I can’t wait for the vacay! This is my first trip to Maui and I can’t wait 🙂 I think I can tolerate it, I am more just being a baby I think, lol! SD weather has me so spoiled!

  2. Hi Nicole,
    Well I’m from Houston, aka the devil’s armpit, and other than giving me really bad hair days, I actually don’t mind the humidity oddly enough. I guess living in it for over 25 years you get used to it. I’m actually quite the opposite…running in cold weather is the absolute worst for me. I’ll stick to the hot and humid. I tell my husband all the time that by living in Houston all my life, I think my internal body temp is actually 5 degrees higher than everyone else’s so I feel most comfortable in 80 degrees and above.
    For Maui, I say go for it. I bet the run will be amazing and beautiful and you won’t even notice the heat! 🙂

  3. I don’t handle the humidity well, either! Such a big difference running in the humidity.

    Congrats on no pain during your marathon Sunday….been super busy and haven’t gotten a chance to log on to tell you that!

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