Haute Slow Jogging Mama!

The goal today was to finish and by the grace of God I did! PF and a janky left leg didn’t result in a DNF and I am so THANKFUL for that! Did I totally lag and go slow?  Yup! But I learned a lot.

Lesson’s learned:

1. Getting up at 3:45 am stinks, but running the first half of a marathon on the water is AWESOME

2. I have weak hammy’s. I have focused on strengthening the rest of my bod and my hammy’s got left behind.

3. Running in hot, windy weather is AWFUL

4. Being hydrated before the race is huge.

5. Me + ipods don’t mix

This was my worst finish yet, so am thankful that time was not a goal. I am still kicking myself for being so lazy, but conservative was the name of game and the good news is I AM PAIN FREE! The bad news? I finished in 4:24- OUCH!

At least I did it with a smile…and 70 SPF. White girl, white girl!


12 thoughts on “Haute Slow Jogging Mama!

  1. As I am reading this (I took a break) I am doing all my rehab workouts and being very proud of you. Proud because you knew not to push yourself to hard. If I had half that knowledge I would be recovering from a half marathon and not doing rehab work. Great job taking care of yourself. Xoxo

    1. Girlie, it took me a long time to learn. It was so hard to swallow my pride and not care about the clock. Just like you I have a goal- it’s just going to take me time to accomplish it. I have to be ok with that 🙂 LOVE U!

  2. I’m with you on celebrating for just not DNF’ing! Up until mile 24, I never knew for sure that I would make it — my knee felt on the brink for about 10 miles! Proud of you for pushing through that pain. What happened with an ipod that was no good?

    1. I typically run outdoors without it. Had it with me but not on. The wind would gust and blow ear phones out of ears (not kidding)! Then when I decided at 19 to turn it on it was making me nuts! Boo!

  3. You did it!! YAY TO NO PAIN!! 🙂 AWESOME!!

    Girl, you’ll be ready to PR in San Diego!!

    “Way 2 Go!!” Get good rest and yummy eats!! Ice-cream always tastes the best after marathons…hope you had a scoop or two!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, I hope so Pam! Time to kick training into gear! How did you do today? I bet you kicked some serious butt! Did you get the hot/windy weather? It was brutal for us!! Enjoy the rest of your night!!

  4. Hi Nicole! Thnks 4 asking how I did. I actually had a really great race and was 1st female overall!! I think ONLY ‘cuz all of the really fast runners were at OC with you!! 🙂 I think that because it was only a half we didn’t get too warm. But, my son didn’t run until 11am and it was a lil’ warm for the kiddos!! PCRF(pediatric cancer) is a great half-marathon event. Maybe next year you can check it out!! Your kids will have a lot of fun…it’s as great event for families!! Taco Bell was there even giving out free tacos! Winning…!!! 🙂

    1. Congrats!! That is AWESOME! You rock Pam!!! And Free tacos? What?!?!? Total WIN!!! Sounds like a great event for the whole fam 🙂 I will look into it for next year 🙂

      1. hey mamma!! Well, after checking race results at home…I actually found out that I was 2nd place girl! I guess there was discrepancies w/chip timing!! 😦 They awarded me there but, I guess results weren’t accurate! But, I’m making thing right…going 2 get in touch w/the girl that was 1st place and hand her swag that’s rightfully hers (even if I have to drive it to her myself!!) But, I’ll take 2nd place!! 🙂 Just wanted to clarify that with you!! k?!

        Have a great rest day Nicole and I hope I get a chance to say “hello” to you when we toe the line in San Diego!! Looking forward most to taking the kids to Sea World!! 🙂

  5. It was dry and hot out there – that’s a good time for that weather! It was like 85 by 2pm. 88 at the Spectrum at 3pm. YUCK!

    So, I ran (mostly walked) the last 6 miles with my friend and the course was, indeed, boring. The river trail sucks (but I knew that from Ragnar). The volunteers, though, were awesome! I was really impressed with their energy levels given how long they had been out there and how hot it was. Some of the best volunteers I’d ever seen. My friend 6:24 or something and it was completely like you said, a ghost town. People were still finishing, though, she had a lady only 10 seconds ahead so it wasn’t like it was that sparse. Totally anti-climactic finish.

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