Coffee = Happiness

This is the first Saturday in a long time that I got to sleep until 6:45 am! No alarm, no run, just chill time. I dragged my hiney out of bed and got the coffee on

How awesomely tall do I look here?

Oh yeah! That’s saggy pj butt and nappy hair. It’s my favorite look.

Random Fact: I worked in a coffee house for 3 years in college. Denise Richard's dad was my boss!

As I started to get my stuff together and the kids stuff packed, LD ran to Subway to pick up breakfast. Have you ever had their breakfast sandwich? Super good!

In about 30 minutes we will head to the parentals to drop off Tootie, Bootie and  Abby Dog

Yaaay! I love going to Grandma and Papa's house!

See you all in the OC!!


3 thoughts on “Coffee = Happiness

  1. Awww Abby dog! I haven’t seen her in forever. 🙂 Have fun in OC and take care of yourself. Xoxo Drive safe!

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