Friday! Friday! Friday!

In the midst of the injury madness some peeps may have missed the giveaway anouncement. If you want in click here for info!


I took this morning as a complete rest day. In the back of my mind I’m wishing I would have gotten up and cycled, however, the rest feels SO GOOD! My little spot on my leg is less tender to touch today…insert BIG CHEESY SMILE. I have been using Mission Skin Care Muscle Rub for the past 24 hours and can’t say enough good about it. If you ever have muscle soreness I highly recommend it!

My pink compression sleeves are my best friend through the weekend. I am starting to get super excited for this race!! Maybe it’s because I am putting no pressure on myself for time- to just run and enjoy it 🙂 I will test the leg on the treadmill once we get to the hotel. If there is any pain I may reconsider. It’s just not worth risking being out the rest of the year if I break my leg!


There are a LOT of races this weekend! Are any of you running?!?! Time for some shout outs…HOLLA…

My hottie batottie sister-in-law is running her FIRST half marathon tomorrow!!  

She is going to rock it! My brother and his 2 buddies are running too, but I am pretty sure they will be eating her dust (sorry Broseph)!! GOOD LUCK guys!! Can’t wait for the updates!

My bestie girl was supposed to be running this race as well but suffered an IT band injury and is rehabing. She is hoping to be ready to run the San Diego Rock N Roll half in June. Please send BestieCam air hugs. Hope you get better soon sister!!!

RoseRunner will be rocking the Eugene Marathon on Sunday. This girl is AMAZING. Seriously, she is super fast and super rad. GOOD LUCK GIRL! SkinnyRunner and her brother will also be running this marathon! GOOD LUCK to you both!

Pam will be kicking some hiney at the PCRF Cinco De Mayo Half Marathon on Sunday! She is a sweet mama and a fantabulous runner. GO PAM GO!


I am so thankful that it’s Friday. Looking forward to making through the work day, gettin’ a good dinner in the fam, watchin Friday Night Lights with the hubs and getting packed up to head to the OC tomorrow!!! Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

4 thoughts on “Friday! Friday! Friday!

  1. ahhhh…Nicole thanks soo much for the shout out!! Made.My.Day!! Seriously!! 🙂

    I’m praying for you and I’ll be thinkin’ of you!! You’re a smart lady and you’ll know what’s best for YOU!!

    Good Luck to all those running races this weekend! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the shout out sister!!! I am also getting soooo excited for our run! I feel so ready and am looking forward to the de-stress love life joy and comraderie out there tomorrow! I just pray the wind stops blowing so hard! It’s crazy here! Anyway, love you and cant wait to swap run stories!!!

  3. Good luck to all you lucky ducks running tomorrow. I will be keeping myself busy at Six Flags tomorrow with the family.

    Thanks for the love bestie, praying for you and your quick recovery. Keep me posted on your leg. Luv ya!

  4. Thanks for making me smile 🙂 I can always use an extra boost of confidence. And go PAM!! Hope she kicks arse, she’s a tough one.

    Your SIL will get addicted, guaranteed…this will not be her last race 🙂

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