Sitting on pins and needles

Let’s start with the good news:

I went to my doc this afternoon for my weekly foot check. Other than a little tightness/soreness all is looking good. Yay!

Let’s end with the sketchy news:

I brought up the weird leg pain and he said he would take a look. Had me walk, do squat and leap tests.  All neg.  He did a hammer vibration test that was also negative. He then did a pulse ultrasound test that came back positive. It did ache when he did it. He recommended I get in tonight for x-ray and then over to MRI if the x-ray comes back negative.

I have already cried twice. If you are one of my praying peeps, please send some positivity my way. If there is a fracture in my leg I will out of racing for a while.  As most of you know this is my ONE thing I do for me. 

I called my doc at 12:30- they said I should hear back from someone this afternoon to schedule me in. It’s almost 3 pm and I haven’t heard anything. I am going to give them 15 more minutes and then I will call again.

I’ll keep you all posted. Here’s to waiting!!

8 thoughts on “Sitting on pins and needles

  1. Oh no! I am keeping my fingers crossed that Lane was right! Keep us posted. I will be thinking good thoughts for you!

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