A tiny giveaway to kick off the weekend right!

For those waiting to see the hair, I am super sorry for this pic. This is a non-washed post gym hair photo in the car before walking into the office this morning. Professional is my name.

Please don’t blow this up- it might give you nightmares.


I continued my chillness week with a 3 mile easy run this morning followed by a lot of stretching. I am still having that weird pain in my left leg. It’s low, on the left side of my tibia down close to my ankle. I can’t tell if it’s the bone, a tight calf muscle, or what. There is a little bruise but I know I haven’t bumped my leg. I can feel it when I run. At times like this I wish I was a doc. Any thoughts? Hubs thinks it’s just in my head.


I got my email confirmation this morning for the OC! I am in corral # A with a scheduled bus time of 4:45 am. Eeeek, super early! We start running at 6 am which I am happy about since it’s going to be a warm weekend. Speaking of weekend, let’s do a giveaway shall we??

If you want to get in on this good eats giveaway, you have through Sunday to enter. Simply comment on this post and tell me you want in!

One winner will get:

* 2 packs of Gatorade GFit bites 

* 1 box of Iron Girl Energy Bars (Strawberry/Cranberry flavor)

* A random selection of energy gels

I will post pics of the products as soon as wordpress will let me do it without an error. MAKING ME CRAZY!  Good luck peeps!!!

6 thoughts on “A tiny giveaway to kick off the weekend right!

  1. Your hair looks cute, girl! Sorry about the leg pain. 😦 You will rock that marathon anyway! 🙂

  2. geez, why are you so generous!? I want in!

    4:45 is nuts. yowza. 7:00 bedtime then, huh?

    wish you and me both extra healing powers for our lame leg issues. WE WILL DEFEAT THEM!! p.s. thank you for the encouraging words!

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