Hump Day Lotto Madness

Today is full of all kinds of crazy, right? RACE LOTTO MADNESS! The lotto results for both the New York Marathon and the Nike Women’s Marathon will be anounced today. From what I have been told emails will go out over the next 24 hours to those accepted. Nike also anounced that those not accepted will still receive notification and learn about other opportunities to gain entry into the race.

If you entered into either lottery I wish you GOOD LUCK!!!

And since we like to have random drawings I will have a giveaway anouncement tomorrow! Yahoo!


I did what I said I was going to do and took today as a complete rest day. Got up, took my sweet time getting ready, put the compression sleeves back on and off I went. 

I have been pretty much useless in the office today. I do one task, take a walk, another task, head back outside. Call me miss productive. Wait! I did successfully priceline a hotel that is close to the finish line on Sunday. Now I just need to decide if I should try to have hubs drop me off at the start or if I should just head to the Costa Mesa fairgrounds and take the shuttle. I wish I knew someone that has run this race to get advice. I did check yelp but couldn’t find a thing! What up with that??


Per your requests I will take a pic of the new hair tonight. I can’t promise that anything else other than the hair will be looking good! Speaking of, my sis was featured today on Discover SD! CONGRATS POOKS!

Did anyone watch The Voice last night?


5 thoughts on “Hump Day Lotto Madness

  1. I did! It was fun to see the “coaches” try to sell themselves. I always felt really bad for the singer that got no coach to turn around.

    BL was interesting too! I couldn’t help but google the question of why Rulon left and I ran across a forum post from someone who apparently was on a flight to/fromt SLC with him Easter morning. Basically, according to this poster, it was that Rulon’s wife was worried that he was cheating on her based on rumors spread by people that had been voted off. And he was not able to contact her (those ridiculous no-family-contact rules) so he left. So he could go home and keep his marriage intact and healthy. Not sure if that’s true, but certainly sounds plausible.

  2. I got super sucked into both! I did like the voice and I did feel bad for the dad of 6 that didn’t make it. Still, super cool that there will be a competition between singers and judges!

    BL was soo good! I was wondering why Rulon left. Hmmmmm. I am going to have to get to googling!! I couldn’t believe that they still had an elimination!!!! Way to keep me tuned in BL!!!!

  3. My mom got her confirmation today!!!! She got in, and she is SUPER excited. I will not be running but will definitely be there to cheer her on!! 🙂

  4. Good Morning!! Wish I could help you regarding OC! Can’t wait for your review! It might be one that I’d like to do next year!! You’re going to do great!! 🙂

    I watched the first 5mins. of the “Voice” maybe next week I’ll catch more of it. 🙂

    I’m chaperoning my daughter’s 8th grade class at six flags magic mountain tomorrow. But, I don’t know how many of those rides I’ll actually get on…they’re pretty hardcore! 🙂

    Have a great day pretty mama!!

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