After being woken up more times than I can remember by Bootie last night, I am still unsure of how I made it to the gym. It was one of those times that when I pulled into the parking lot I didn’t really remember the drive there. Yeah, that’s safe.

I pulled off a 5-miler on the trusty TM before calling it quits. I just had zero energy. On top of it I started to feel a shin splint coming on in my right leg. What’s the deal with that? It’s either the shoes or the bod just needs a little more rest, right?? I am thankful that I am skippin’ out early today for an appointment. If I am lucky it will be an in and out deal and I can chill the rest of the afternoon (and finally get my hair did)!


Off to the first meeting of the morning. Oy.

Coffee, Team or Snacks anyone?

That’s the picture of health right there.

5 thoughts on “Yaawwwwwnnnnnnn

  1. Oh girl, hopefully you’ve had a caffeine fix by now… and get to bed early if possible! Gotta keep you in good health. 🙂

  2. Got my goodies in the mail today!!! Thank you so much 🙂 The candles….LOVE ’em! Love it all, actually 🙂

    Had a rough night here, too with the bad storms. I’m feelin’ ya on the yawn.

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