I had an appointment with my dermatologist today which meant sneaking out of the office at 2:00. I am one of those unlucky peeps that has to be seen every 3 months for check ups. 2 biopsy’s later I was outta there and on my way to see…

This hot girlie is my hairdresser…oh, and my sister!!!  Love that she is rockin’ the old school MTV shirt. You know, when MTV had TRL and Carson Daily was super pop. Back when kids would try to get home by 3:30 to see if their favorite video made the countdown. That’s how my girl rolls!!

Anywho, spent the afternoon in the salon with her and came out freshly blonded and 2 pounds lighter. Thank you POOKS!! Love my new locks!! If anyone is looking for a fab hair makeover, go see my sis at Pacifica Salon in Pacific Beach. She has some sweet promos going on right now so get in while the getting is good!


I just busted out the compression sleeves for my legs and am getting cozed up for the Biggest Loser. I am considering a total rest day tomorrow, short run Thursday, cross-train Friday and off to Newport on Saturday. I need to find us a hotel. STAT.

3 thoughts on “Blonded

  1. I would totally offer up our house for your to stay but we are headed out of town this weekend to go to Stagecoach! We are getting our country on this weekend! Good luck on your Marathon. Post a new picture of your hair.

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