Newport this weekend!

Today’s workout: 1 mi hill warm up, 45 min spin, 15 min core

This week is going to be a chill week for me. I am feeling really good and want to be cautious going into the OC Marathon. I have no soreness at all from the 21 on Saturday, so now I just hope I can get through 26.2 without an injury. Wouldn’t that be nice?!? I’ll likely do a few short runs and then off to Newport!


I was talking to a friend this weekend who asked me what my plan is for this race. Truth be told I don’t really have one other than to finish. Is that weird? Other than Saturday’s run I haven’t had a really long run since February. My expectations are not high given my foot is at about 95%.  Yes,  I said 95%% Isn’t that AWESOME!?!?!?!? So I am way off base here not having a plan??


I forgot to tell you all that I tested out the new Nike Vomero +6’s on Saturday.

This shoe has changed a LOT over the years. I had the +3’s several years ago and loved ’em, tried the +4’s and hated them so I never gave the +5’s a chance.  I saw  the +6’s out and decided to give em a whirl. They have a wide toe box and really good forefoot cushion! So nice for a forefoot striker like myself. They are nice and light and don’t feel like a lot of the “neutral plus” shoes.  I really was not prepared for how cushy they are- I rotate Brooks and Asics (I love both) but the Vomero is a totally different shoes. I want to test them again for longer distance before deciding if I want to add them to the rotation.



6 thoughts on “Newport this weekend!

  1. It’s just a practice one for you, right? So that isn’t weird to just say you want to finish. I’m sure you want to finish at your long-run pace, though.

    I’ll be running with my friend in her last 6 miles of the full. But you will likely be done long before. I won’t be meeting her until like 11am. I think she is shooting for a 6 hour marathon. So I figure I’ll run PCRF half race, and mosey on over to the 20 mile mark and jump in with her.

  2. I’m sure you will do great this weekend!

    I’m a Brooks girl…have been using Brooks for 5 years now.

    Your Easter service yesterday looked like a lot of fun!

    Have a great week 🙂

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