Good Friday, Earth Day, a lot going on!

Happy Good Friday all! I am so looking forward to a weekend of running, church on the beach and spending time with family. Let’s all hope that this Easter we can celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and remain earthquake free! (Last year we had a 7 point earthquake right in the middle of dinner, eeek).

It’s also Earth Day today, so grab your reusable mug and head to Starbucks for a free cup of coffee!

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Alot going on today, right? Since we like to overprogram ourselves let’s talk about more stuff going on today…


If you are interested in getting into the lottery for the Nike Women’s Marathon (and half) today is your last day to do it!

If you click HERE you will be directed to the website/link to get yourself signed up. I believe the drawing will be held next week sometime. Good luck to you all!!


I think that’s it for Friday anouncements (riigghhhttttt), now I need some help!

I got an email from my husband’s Aunt who wants to organize a family reunion around a race that benefits either Alzheimer’s research or Diabetes’ research. This will be done in the memory of Meme (LD’s grandma), who went to heaven in December of 2009 and lived with both diseases. I have been searching around trying to find a run that would accommodate the family (offering several distances such as a 5k, half, full, etc) but am having a hard time locating one outside of So Cal. I mean, this race could be anywhere, but preferably closer to his family since we are the only ones in California. If anyone knows of any races that benefit either of these causes that takes place in Texas (or east of) please let me know. We will need to plan this at least a year in advance to allow everyone to make proper travel arrangements.

Ok, off to get some work done….if I am lucky I may get to sneak out a little early today…


5 thoughts on “Good Friday, Earth Day, a lot going on!

    1. Thanks for checking on me! It went well! No speed workouts allowed until I have solid rest (July) and other than that no running if it becomes painful while doing so! Yay! P/S Let me know when your giveaway package arrives, I didn’t track it which makes me nervous!

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